Chapter 84 Was kidnapped! (2)

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I am so hungry... I have just eaten at noon, how can I still be so hungry now...

No, she will die if she doesn't eat again!

In the end, I really couldn't stand the strong hunger and opened my eyes.

The ceiling that I have never seen, if it is the ceiling, the top of the bed that I have never seen. Her own bed has a few yellow oriole on the top of the bed. There is a dragon on the top of Tianqing's bed. Figure, it will not be Tianqing's room here.

Where is this? It's already dark outside, it's already night, no wonder it's so hungry. How can she fall asleep?

Memories, memories...

After dinner at noon, go to the emperor and chat for a while, then let the Zier go back and think about something, then...

  Feng Ji Lin!

What about people? Get up and turn around in this room, no? Get her here, just leave? No way! This is too unprofessional! Did not tie her hands and feet, even the door is not locked!

Is this great prince who has never tried extraordinary, so he do not know exactly how it should kidnap the right way?

It's no wonder that it's so good that people are born to be noble, how can they be familiar with the kidnapping? Well, it must be like this, just to make her feel awkward.

Right now just no one around, it is now or never, slip ah!

Gently open the door, there is no one in the corridor, it turns out that this is the second floor, Tianzi No. 2 room? It seems that the inn's rooms are arranged in this way? Already out of the palace! I don't know how far it is, how far is it from the palace?

but! Before slipping...

Oh, it's too hungry, let's just say something. Close the door and go back to the house. Fortunately, there is a small snack on the table to taste.

Although it is not comparable to the high-end dim sum in the palace, it is very tasteful. If you are hungry, some people will be satisfied with it. Will you care about eating something that is not good or not, is it not poisonous?

A little bit thirsty, and poured a cup of tea by the way, it is really very high-grade tea, the taste is very fragrant.

"you're awake."

There was still a half-dish snack in his mouth, and he still had a teacup in his hand, and he turned back somewhat stiffly.

The snack was gone, the tea was spilled, and the mouth could not match.

Oh no! Was caught! Missed the best escape time!

Ignore the ugly face of Lan Qin Yu, walked up to her, grabbed her wrist and took the pulse.

Really nothing, it seems that rumors that Mo Yun has a cure for poison, is true. "

what did he say? What is the cure? Mo Yun?

"What is the cure for drugs? Is it God?" You can consider mass production! Maybe you can make a big profit!

"It's just a drug that doesn't invade after eating. Or do you think you'll still sit here and eat now?" And, without any precaution, just eat these foods casually. 

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