Chapter 82 Talk to the emperor! (2)

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"Most of the children  have made something worry about . If the smoke is the smallest among them, it was because of the unknown superstition that she had left her for so many years. It is also good for her to be lively and cheerful. I hope that I will not leave anything for her in the future. It's a bad memory. She's lost her mother's mother at a very young age. Although she has grown up now, people are very aware of the accident, and I am still worried that he will feel lonely. In recent months, I have listened to the guards in the palace. We said that Cheer is much more happy than before. I know, because of Xiao Yu's relationship, I want to thank you."

"The emperor said that you are heavy, Xiao Yu did not do anything, how dare to let the emperor thank you." Although not sincere and fearful, the emperor's solemn thank you is still a little nervous, Qin Yu ignores the little heart of the heart(??), continue to listen The emperor said.

"Qinger has changed a lot since you appeared. It is not cold as before. When you face him, it is more casual than before. It makes you feel happy and gratified as a father."

I don't know why, the emperor suddenly stopped, what should be there in the back? what happened? Looking at the emperor inexplicably, the emperor stopped the pen in his hand and took a cup of tea, and said: "Liner he..."

Feng JiLin?

The emperor mentioned that Feng Jilin would actually stay? why?

Just said and three words, began to slowly drink tea, as if this tea is a syrup, how to drink is not greasy. For a long time, he slowly said: "Lin is also a good boy. He has been very serious about his studies since he was a child. He has been ... very serious and does not lose to anyone."

At the end, like recalling some things in the past, I still miss some smiles for a while.

Saying that the score is a compliment, you can hear a little unusual in the ear of Qin Yu, the emperor... It seems to be too serious and sighing for Feng Jilin?

Isn't the son's diligence better than anything else? Or... the emperor is actually...

After 'analysing' his own children, the emperor took the initiative to divert the topic and talked about the past and the queen's past. Yu Yu listened very seriously. It turned out that the feelings of the emperor and the empress were true, but they did not expect it. It's as exciting as a TV show. Finally, after listening to the 'story', Yu Yu was satisfied to prepare to go home.


"Xiu er, Zier, you should go back first, I will walk around here."

The maids were slightly puzzled and looked at with Lan  Qin Yu. After confirming that the princess had no problem, she and Zier were leaving.

Um... Listening to the emperor's tone, I should be tempted by the facts of Feng Jilin. Then why not say anything? Don't even discuss with Tianqing? If you really understand the current situation, we should get along countermeasures as soon as possible, make the appropriate measures ah!


why? Why keep silent? Does the phrase should silence is not dead, he broke in silence?

sweat! This is all messy!

She is a little woman, can't guess the emperor's thoughts... Let her find a way to make the emperor laugh is no problem, but guessing the emperor's mind, it is quite difficult, at least... after all, people are also emperors, if the mind is so easy to be others find out, you will not have mixed Ha!

Continuing to hold her chin with one hand and look down on her future plans. Always consider a little bit to see if there are any missing places. If you have any words, tell Mo Yun to let him prepare.

"How? You do not walk in front looking at?" With obvious irony, then incoming ears, looked up unhappy.

After seeing the appearance of the person, the heart is even more angry!

  Feng- Ji - Lin!

What is this called? This is called a narrow road meeting, is the legendary - narrow road!

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