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Alexander POV

Aaron - M-Mr. Hamilton...there's something..something I think you should see.
Alex - Burr, you know I'm incredibly busy. Whatever this is, it better be important.

Aaron eyes never left the ground, as if he was afraid to look me in the eyes. He was one of my top, most trusted employees, and he was very aware of that. He enjoyed to flaunt it around the office, town, maybe even the whole world. Yet, this time he was hesitant and tense, his usually steady hands quivered and shook. And that's when I noticed he was holding a messaging machine in his hands.

A messaging machine updated every few minutes and gave the caller the exact number and name of the person they were informing of their impending death. It was quite hilarious actually. Knowing some would give anything to wrap their heads around the secret to Last Cast. And it seemed you were the only person who knew the secret.

Aaron sighed, a regretful sigh, he wasn't proud or happy of what he held in his hands. He could've easily called me up if something was wrong. Whenever large celebrities I like die, employees usually call me up to inform me. When friends and family die, they tell me in person, usually when their shift ends, not right in the middle of it.

Yet, with the passing of every second, I realized what name was really on that answering machine. There was no denying it. Even I am human, even I will meet my end.

Alexander Hamilton
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John POV

Eliza - Hey John! J-John?! Johnny, what's wrong?
John - That kid, the one that came in the other day. That I gave those comics too. His mother came in...and...and she thanked me for being so kind. It turned out that, that was his last day.
Eliza - Oh my god...I don't even know what to say.
John - It's not fair. He was a kid, about nine years old. No one that old should see the end of their lives. Worst of all, he probably didn't understand it. If he was going to go, he should've just been able to go in peace. Did it weren't for that fucking Alexander Hamilton, he could've passed peacefully.
Eliza - Speaking of Alexander Hamilton, have you heard the news?
John - I don't give a shit about whatever celebrity he's dating now.
Eliza - He's dying.
John - What?
Eliza - It's all over the news. He received the call this morning. Barely even an hour ago.y sister works at Last Cast, I heard from her.
John - S-so? Why should I give a shit about him, it's about time.
Eliza - I know you're not exactly the fondest of him, but he's literally the most powerful man in the world! Think about what will happen to Last Cast when he dies.
John - The world will be a better place, that's what will happen.
Eliza - But think of all of the people who will lose their jobs. Angelica, who knows what could happen.
John - I never thought about that. Oh God, what has humanity come to?
Eliza - I asked myself that every morning, Laurens.

I shook my head and smiled and Eliza's witty comment. It's amazing how she's able to still put a smile on my face, even in my darkest times. I was extremely close to Eliza, I could probably called her my best friend. Often times, we were mistaken for a couple. Then, we would smile to ourselves. Knowing that no body was more gay than me. I-

That's when I heard it.

The ringtone.

That ringtone. The ringtone that rang on my mothers phone when I was a child. The ringtone that rang on my grandmothers and grandfathers phones. The ringtone that the little boy must've heard. The ringtone that Alexander Hamilton must've received.

Eliza's face shot up like a bullet. Horror painting her face, tears forming in her eyes. Her face heating red and her breathing grew heavy. Her heart pounding, her heart praying that maybe this time, this one time, Last Cast was wrong, and her dear friend would not meet his end, not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

My hands trembled as I stared onto that screen. That dreaded sound jabbing into my eardrums. As much as I would rather let the phone ring forever, this is my end, I may as well hear it from someone.

John - H-hello?
Thomas - Hello, I am Thomas Paine. Is this John Laurens?
John - Yes.
Thomas - Well, I regret to inform you that today, will be your last day alive. We at Last Cast will miss you dearly. And although there's nothing that we can do, I have several locations for Deckers like you to live out your last day as best as you can. I also suggest downloading the Last Friend app.
John - Why?! Why today?! I'm so fucking young though!
Thomas - Mr. Laurens. There's nothing I can do. I have no answer to any of your questions-
John - Yeah, but your boss does. And today is his last day as well! Shouldn't Last Cast shut down without him?!
Thomas - I have already informed you Mr. Laurens, I have no answers to any of your questions. But if you happen to run into Mr. Hamilton today, maybe you could ask him for me, huh?

My brows furrowed, sensing the sarcasm and sass lingering in the mans voice. Before he could possibly finish what he planned to say next, I ended the call, and the already quiet library was filled with silence.

Eliza - J-John....
John - Tell my boss I'm not coming back, 'liza!
Eliza - W-where are you going?!
John - It's my last day, I have to live the rest of my life in one day, Eliza. Every second counts. Don't worry, I don't plan on dying without saying goodbye to you.

And I wouldn't have to say goodbye. Today will not be my last. For my death will die with Alexander Hamilton.

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