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Percy's POV:

I am freaking out. You can't blame me. One-minute Annabeth and Hazel are behind me, the next they're gone. Jeff came over to explain things, saying Annabeth collapsed from heat exhaustion, which worried me even more. Is she going to be in the game still? Will I see her again? I want to see her again.

"Percy, they're here," Reyna says, pointing to the Brains tribe who is now entering the challenge area. She's had to deal with me stressing out and tossing and turning at night, though I am thankful for that. She's a good friend here.

My eyes quickly flick to the group, searching for the face I've looked at many times in this game when I shouldn't. Sure enough, Annabeth appears at the back of the group, looking as beautiful as ever. Wait...did I just say that? Well, I mean, I'm not denying that she's pretty. But that doesn't mean I like her. But I do. I – ugh I don't know what I think.

Her eyes find me, and I feel the wind pick up my spirits. She's alright, and that's all that matters. She mouths that she'll explain later, and I nod, facing Jeff. For the first time, I look at the challenge. We aren't on the beach this time, instead, we are in the forest. One side is a table with loads of burgers and candy with soft drinks, the other is a huge mud pool. A massive grid of bars hangs over it. I have a bad feeling about this one.

"Annabeth, I will take that once again," Jeff says, taking the immunity from Annabeth. My eyes linger on her for a moment longer. "Alright, immunity is back up for grabs. In today's challenge, you will draw rocks, picking one person from each tribe to do so. The tribe that gets the black rock will be eating all that food over there. The other tribes that get the white rocks will be hanging on those bars over that mud pool. I will tell you after a certain duration of time when to slowly remove a limb until you are hanging from nothing but one leg. The last tribe standing is safe from immunity and being voted off that night. The losing tribe has a date with me at tribal-council."

"Wait," Leo calls out. "So, is this like a reward and an immunity challenge mixed together?"

Jeff looks at him, "Kinda, yes. The tribe that gets chosen to eat will not be winning immunity but is still safe from tribal-council." He clasps his hands together, "Chose your person."

"I'll do it," Lee says to us before walking to Jeff. I watch her stand between Max and Connor nervously. They look away, picking a rock out of the basket.

When they each have a rock, they hold out their arms. "Palms up and reveal," Jeff says, stepping back so the cameras can get a better shot. I look and see Lee holding a white rock, which means we will be hanging over that mud pool. I sigh and look at the other hands. Connor holds the black rock, which means they will be eating and we will be facing beauty. This should be interesting. "Brains will be eating cheeseburgers and Brawns and Beauty will be fighting for immunity."

We all walk over to the bars and I climb onto them and pick a spot where I can see everyone and Jeff. Clinging onto the bar like a sloth, I focus on my breathing and tightening every muscle. I can do this. "Alright, everyone is in their positions, and this challenge is on," Jeff commentates.

"I can you smell the cheeseburgers from there?" Leo asks, munching on a burger, smiling.

"I'm trying to focus," Calypso snaps at him.

Time passes slowly and every second feels like an hour. Finally, Jeff speaks again, "Alright we are moving to just legs only, you will have to rely on your legs to hold you up and after a while, you will be losing circulation in them."

Grunting, I shift my weight and let my fingers release from the bars. Hanging upside down I spot Annabeth eating a burger, watching me with calculating eyes. To make time pass, I make funny faces at her, making her stifle her laughs. I almost made her choke at one point. Breaking eye contact with her, I see Max struggling. Before I can even blink, he falls into the water. Then it's like dominos, Drew then Lee, and then Calypso.

"And just like that, four people out of the challenge," Jeff shouts, walking the perimeter of the mud pool.

I laugh at the sight of Drew who is whimpering, covered in mud. Splash! Piper falls, sending mud into my face. I hear Annabeth's laugh over everyone and grin from ear to ear.

My fingers start slipping and I strain, adjusting myself. "Percy seems to be struggling, the time taking its effect," Jeff commentates to my frustration.

Hold on Percy, I tell myself, straining. Trying not to focus on the feeling of my legs going numb and the sheer pain of it all, I watch the sky above. The passing clouds, the soft breeze, the clear blue view. That's when I hear Annabeth laugh at something and I lose my grip, falling regretfully into the mud. Cursing, I wipe the caked mud off my eyes and struggle out of the pit.

After that, I barely pay attention, the only thing I hear is that we'll be paying a visit to tribal tonight. I lost, and it cost my team, even if they were holding longer than me, I still caused the distraction. The domino effect. Rubbing my forehead, I notice Annabeth, tucking something in her bag.

Annabeth's POV:

I can't believe it. I found an immunity idol. Yes! But I knew that people were around. Right before I was going to tuck it in my bag, I see Percy's eyes flicker to me. Not making eye contact, I grab a hamburger on the table behind me and tuck it in my bag at the same time as my idol. Why? Why would I do that you might ask? Well, I can tell Percy needs some protein and if he's going to be any use, I need him to keep up his muscle strength. Also, he saw me. So when we're walking out, before we part ways, I'm going to give him the burger, thus making any suspicion flee away. I am not totally sure that sharing I have an idol with him is wise yet. I don't really know him, and I need to trust him. So, right now, to everyone, I don't have one. This is my game I'm playing with, not theirs.

Jeff begins to speak, and I start to edge myself over to Percy. Approaching him, I notice he's smiling slightly to himself. "What?' I whisper to him.

"Can't get enough of me, huh?" He remarks, looking smug.

"Shut up," I snap, feeling a blush creeping its way onto my face.

"Brawns, you have a date with me at tribal council. That's all, rest up," Jeff concludes, clasping his hands together, taking us all in. I swear his gaze hesitates at the sight of Percy and me, standing closely together. I must be going crazy, Jeff doesn't know anything about our alliance.

We start to head out and when we reach the beach, where we will part ways, I stop Percy. Grabbing his forearm, I lead him to the side. "Percy, I got you this," I explain, pulling out the hamburger I scavenged.

His eyes brighten and his eyebrow's lift, along with my heart. "Oh my gosh, Annabeth! Thanks so much," He thanks, instantly grabbing it from my hands and devouring it.

"Whoa, slow down Seaweed Brain. You're like a racehorse," I laugh holding up my hands in a gesture to slow him. He does no such thing, instead, he shoves the rest into his mouth.

I roll my eyes at him, playfully. Okay, now he doesn't suspect me, I think. "I have to go now, see you later Perce." I start to turn around to left, when two strong arms encircle me, my back to his chest.

"Thanks, Wise Girl, you're a life saver," His breath on the back of my neck, sending tingles down my spine in waves.

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