Chapter 78 Save in time! (2)

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Regardless of the process, there is no danger, no casualties! The next day, the entire palace are already very familiar with the Lan Qin Yu, a foreign princess ever again revived! And once again, I have a lot of fun in the palace. If I have to give her a definite reason, why is it more mad than before? That is, the pain brought to her yesterday is really too cruel. Cruel!

So, in order not to leave any shadow on herself, she wants to forget, forget it! Completely forget nothing about it! The best way is to indulge yourself as much as possible!

In fact, although the palace eunuchs, or the court guards, know that the princess is actually a very good person, but... I heard the reason of the princess, they really want to say that you are already indulgent, no need to increase this index. Now!

Good people are one thing, they like her is one thing, but... it's one thing to be free from the whole person who is so strange and unheard of! Although it's just a joke, it's not too much, but the level of speechlessness is absolutely incapable of being described in words!

I heard that the guards of the new princess's declaration, as soon as they saw the green figure in the distance, slowly moved to the side, leaving the 'right and wrong place' as soon as possible, and the destination of Lan Qin Yu, In the Imperial Garden, a silhouette can't be seen...

Quiet and terrible, hard to ask to what extent, can only say that the sound of the fish floating in the pool to the surface of the water can be heard, the degree can imagine!

In fact, all the way, Qin Yu saw them escape, but does not affect her good mood, pain after poisoning Although all gone, but it can not erase the traces left in her mind, I always feel that my body is still sour. It may also be because of the reason for lying all day, so now she needs activities and muscles to do fitness exercises.

In addition to Zi er and Xiu er in the Imperial Garden, there is no one else, although it is necessary to worry about the law and order in the palace for the emperor, but... whatever! Anyway, there is nothing going on in the daytime, she is too lazy to manage, simply climb up the sleeve purple to do aerobics.

She didn't learn the gym, didn't skip the aerobics, and now she is doing the exercises she used to do at school!

"One two three four, two two three four, three two three four..."

This is the first time she has done this kind of exercise that helps her health! The two people behind her are also seeing the princess jumping like this for the first time... strange dance? It is indeed very strange, but since they have to follow it, they have to learn as much as possible.

Feng tianqing rushed down to Xiangning Palace, but only a few small eunuchs were cleaning, the shadow of the master wasn't there. After asking, he realized that this woman ignored the body that just turned better and ran out of trouble! Far from seeing the woman and the two servants doing strange moves, um...should it be dance? He has never seen her dancing, should she say she will?

Moreover, in this vast royal garden, how can you not even see a guard? What if you encounter any danger in QinYu!

There was a burst of anger in his heart, thinking about how to punish the guards who did not hold the post. However his brain suddenly flashed the conversation between the two little eunuchs. It seemed like a cold water splashed up, his facial muscles began to twitch, and there were signs of it being spread. .

By the way, they seem to have said that Lan er seem to want to play any tricks, so if they can hide they would hide, and then looking at the situation here only Lan er... It turns out to be true...

"Lan Er."

How serious are you doing these strange things? People have come to the front and have not noticed! If someone comes to sneak attack, it will blame if nothing happens! There is no sense of crisis at all. Here is the Imperial Palace. It is a deep palace with a crisis. Does she not have this concept?

This incident just reminded him that even if it's Lan er no matter how talented she is, how can she play some cleverness, after all, it is just a woman who doesn't know martial arts. She has to be protected by him, he must protect her!

"Hey, Tianqing, you are here, doing aerobics with me, it is very helpful to the body!"

I have done a few sections and really feel a lot more comfortable! Standing up and stretching my arms, I took a deep breath of fresh air, um... the weather is really good today! The air is also very fresh. Is it because the times are different and the air pollution index is not serious? I always feel that the air that is breathing now is much fresher than before!

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