Chapter 77 Save in time! (1)

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Time passed by, and everything that I could do was done. Feng Tianqing just held Qin Yu tightly and covered her with several layers of quilts. He was afraid that her body would be too cold, she would think cold. Mo Yun is infuriating on the other side of Qin Yu's palm. Although he is not a martial arts master, it is better to just let her suffer less pain, better than sitting on the side!

Everyone was holding their breath waiting for the 'life-saving medicine'. I wonder if the old (doctor?) heard the wishes in everyone's heart and heard a rush of footsteps from outside the door.

No time to knock on the door, directly pushed the door and came in.



Mo Yun and Feng Tianqing first opened their mouths. They wanted to express the same thing. Qing searched for the small bottle in his hand and handed it to Mo Yun. Mo Yun finally calmed down with relief. The people present also knew that the princess was saved!

There was only one black pill in the bottle. Mo Yun took it out and carefully put it into the mouth of tLan Qin Yu. At the same time, he lifted her body and entered the back of the Qin Yu so that the pill can be taken in the fastest time and be absorbed.

In the quiet place, suddenly there was a burst of happy laughter. Qin Yu knew that what she had just eaten should be a life-saving medicine, but... except for the feeling of fever in the body, the rest is only pain! Which TV drama was played, the poisoned person immediately ran and picked it as if he had nothing to do with the antidote! Drag him out I promise I wont smash his ass!

After a while, my brain began to become very heavy, and I fell asleep again, this time I really fell asleep! Not dizzy!

"This pill was obtained from a high-handed person inadvertently a few years ago. It can solve a hundred poisons, and people who don't have to worry about being poisoned in the future!"( i changed the sentence for an easier one but i don't know if the meaning was the same)

Fortunately, the time to find it back, if it was one hour later, I am afraid that even if the gods were present she would not be saved, then...

"Lu Yu doctor."

"Old, the old doctor is here." The old royal doctor squatted on the ground, and as a doctor, he was not busy at all. It was too dereliction of duty!

"Wait a few drugs for the princess to clear the stomach, so that the toxins left in the princess can be eliminated." Do not leave any after-effects.

"Yes, the old minister understands that the old minister will go to the decocting!"

Fortunately, there is no punishment, okay okay! The old royal doctor led Zi er to go out together, waiting for Zi er to take the medicine, and his old body board could not withstand the toss! You can get as little contact as possible with the two imperial sons who are now abnormal. You can't always go to the knife, and you have to keep your life, and you must keep your life!

"Oh, my sister is really safe?" Lian Che is still not at ease, my sister's face is still very bad!

Mo Yun gave him a smile: "The sixth prince be relieved, Xiao Yu is already fine, and the pain should have alleviated a lot. Otherwise, how could she fall asleep so comfortably?"

With such a tangible guarantee, the heart that was hanging was finally put down, Lan Er... It's really okay, obviously I haven't felt so strong all the time, but I can't help but cry when I'm here! Oh, the imperial court of the Second prince of the Qing Dynasty, there will be such a day, there are also such a weak time, and all this is because of her, Lan Qin Yu.

What is it because he cares about her? Because suddenly when I met for the first time? Or is it the spirit of the two exhibitions that followed him to make him feel excited? Heartbeat?

He would use his heart to describe his state of mind at the moment? It's so funny. I used to think that I wouldn't really fall in love with a woman. Now I'm not consciously stunned by her. I can't focus on other places. Every day, I want to read it. They are all her.

If I don't see her for a while, I think that time is too long. This is... like it? Is this the feeling of loving someone ?

The people in the house didn't know when they had quietly left, only to watch him softly in bed, and to be so affectionately watching her unconsciously still asleep...


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