Chapter 14

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My stomach had been growling like an attack dog for the past few minutes, but now it held this dull aching pain. It almost felt like I was being abused for the inside in an attempt to force me to get up. Sighing, I turned my head, glancing at the clock on the wall and seeing that it was in the brunch zone of time. So with the will to be productive, and the way my stomach wanted food, I got up from the bed and headed out of the bedroom.

As I reached the stairs Scott was coming up them, his scowl deepening upon seeing my face. I'd grown accustomed to his crap attitude, so I just moved to the side and kept quiet. That didn't stop him from going out of his way to pump me though. I stumbled back a little and pressed a hand against the wall to steady myself.

What the actual hell?

"Insufferable thing," he muttered as he moved down the hall.

At first I wanted to hold my tongue, but I twirled around and stormed down the hall. When close enough I tapped his shoulder, and he turned to me, his brow raised as he looked a bit confused before slipping back into Mr. Douchebag.

"Excuse the hell out of me, but is there something I've done to complicate your life? I don't seem to recall such an event happening. So please do be a big boy and share it with the class." My words came out rushed, my heart beating fast as my anger spiked.

By the time I'd finished he was glaring at me full force, this one more intense than all his other. I was at a point of being unphased, so I just glared right back at him. We stared at each other, neither of us backing down, and that itself began to rile me up more. Crossing my arms against my chest I began tapping my foot, indicating that my patience was waning and awaited his answer. Still, I got no response. Scott turned on his heel and walked around from me, disappearing into one of the rooms.

It took some restraint on my part, but I didn't storm down there and press for something, instead I returned to my early intentions. With a deep exhale I descended the stairs and walked to the kitchen, seeing that Jessica and Sam where they talking and eating. When they saw me they both smiled.

"Thought you were going to be out for a few more hours," Sam joked.

In return I said nothing, taking the plate Jessica gave me with a thank you and sitting at the breakfast bar. I picked up my fork and stabbed at my food, shoving it into my mouth. They both continued talking, but I could feel their eyes were on me.

"Okay. What did the food do to you?" Though he still sounded like he was joking I knew that he was honestly curious about the crappy mood.

"You have a very lovely father. The man knows just how to make a person's morning splendid." Fake cheeriness and sarcasm leaked from my every word.

"Oh, and I still have that essay to get done before midnight."

I looked up at both of them, watching as they exchanged a glance and then turned back to me. Their eyes were narrowed, and they both looked agitated. Sam seemed a bit more bothered by this than Jessica, he was gripping the glass in his hand so tight that his knuckles were turning ghost white. Jessica noticed as soon as I did, staring at him until he met her gaze. The silent conversation held for seconds and I watched him deflate, but the look in his eyes never changed.

Getting up I took my plate to the sink, cleaning it before I placed it in the drying rack. I'd calmed some while eating and now I just felt tired.

"Thanks for breakfast, Jessica. If you guys need me I'm going to take a quick nap and then put the finishing touches on my paper." Not waiting for response I retreated back up the steps. I entered the room and plopped back onto the bed, closing my eyes and trying my best to relax. The food I'd just consumed helped lull me to sleep faster.

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