Chapter 76 The situation is urgent! (2)

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"Qingxun, you will return to the house immediately! Bring the bottle in the black box to the dark space of my study, fast!" He hurriedly sighed his own confidant behind him and turned to Feng tianqing.

"Xiao Yu's body can't stand it for 12 hours. It may only last for 6 or 7 hours. Go back soon!Help her stop the toxins!"

"6, 7 hours! That's not only 2 more hours left! Are you really able to save her!" If it is late, Lan er she...

Ways... Although there are, but it does not seem to have time, the most important thing is to see if Xiao Yu can go to Qing to find medicine! Even if it doesn't work, he has to let her last until the very end! So the most important thing now is  to enter the palace as soon as possible!

"Don't waste time, and then it's really late to go back to heaven!"


In the Ningning Palace, the face of Lan Qin Yu became more and more pale, and it was cold and painful. However, the strength of even the pain was almost gone, and people felt that it might be cut off at any time!

Although his second brother left when he was convinced that he would protect his sister, but his sister is getting more and more uncomfortable, even just because he couldn't support it, he wanted to break himself! So he did not dare to use her fragrance for her! In case, if she runs out, she can't wake up anymore...

"Well... it's so uncomfortable, it hurts, it's all... It's so painful, oh...clear, fast! Fast... I can't do it, really... it hurts! Heaven... Tianqing, it hurts..."

"Princess--" Zier wow, crying, can't wait to help the princess suffer these pains.

Although the princess often plays tricks on her, she always takes care of her and cares about her! I will never let myself be bullied by some powerful ladies in the palace, always help them to teach them! Such a good person can't have something happening to her, not to say that a good person has a good (luck?)! So the princess must also get better soon!

Your second Highness, come back soon!


It's really painful to die! Why... why is she suffering so much! Who is it that she is getting, ah! It's so uncomfortable, it's clear that it's more painful than it's, now... ah! It's like there are a lot of people who are swearing at the villain and cursing themselves. It's so painful that she wants to die! It's better to die than now...

However, she still doesn't want to... just die! She, she hasn't...have not been to the distant country, but also...have not seen all the world...the handsome guy, she...has not said anything good to Tianqing, she likes him...

Tianqing, you... Come back soon, even if there is no way to save me, it doesn't matter, at least... at least until I haven't hanged... stay with me! Let me have a handsome guy to accompany me before I die!

No... The brain can't think anymore, only think... hurt! It's damn pain!

"Sixth Highness, second Highness is back, and the prime minister is coming! they have already arrived at the entrance to the Ningning Palace!"

"your highness! Prime minister!"

Lian Che wipes off his tears, please be safe! There must be a way to save my sister!

Mo Yun didn't take care of it, and walked to the bedside, raised the Qin Yu's hand and checked her current situation. Better than imagined, at least not until the final stage, just vomiting blood and nosebleeds, no blood in other places, still have time!

If it is late, the eyes, ears and nose should bleed, because ... the poisoned person will finally bleed and die! However, he definitely shouldn't see such a Qin Yu. He wants to see the usual lively and lovely little woman. He wants to see the sincere smile that makes the world eclipse! That is Xiao Yu!

"Xiu er, you go to the royal doctor, and let him take all the drugs that can inhibit the spread of toxins! Remember, it's all! Even if it's a toxic herb, it doesn't matter, as long as it can be temporary Sexual suppression of eclipse is good!"

Toxic! It doesn't matter... Now the princess has been poisoned like this, and if there is a toxin that invades the body... I am afraid the princess will not be able to withstand it...

"I don't want you opinion! just follow the prime minister's order! I want to see if there is anything that can save Lan Er!"

He believes that Mo Yun must have his reason, now... believe him! Yes, believe him, you can save the Lan Er!

  Xiu er pulls Zi er out, the second prince is right. The most important thing is to save the princess. It doesn't matter the method , and they don't have the ability to interject. The only thing that can be done is to help as much as they can!


After an hour, Mo Yun gave Qin Yu several kinds of other poisonous grasses that could resist poison, or can suppress the heart toxins, and even fed a small amount!

  He thought that Lan er would be even more upset, but the brow that was unexpectedly picked up was actually a feeling of relief. Although it was still very painful, it was better than just now. Just... According to Mo Yun's words, although the pain is coordinated due to the coordination of various herbs, it only temporarily retired, but after all, it is a drug harmful to the human body, and it cannot be used too much.

Now, Xiao Yu will not be too painful at least, and he will be able to spend more time, as long as...

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