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Really really, long hair has always been a goal of mine.

Sadly, because my hair is hard to manage and easy to break it isn't one I've reached.


The longest my hair has ever been is right at bra strap length.

There are just a few things I was doing that made my hair that long and now that I've started doing it again, it's growing super fast.

1. Drink Lots of water. I drink 60 Oz a day.
I have an app for it to keep track.
2. Eat healthy. It's good to do this anyway.
I've been eating healthy pretty much my entire life, but when I starve myself my hair doesn't grow. So remember that.
Healthy body. Healthy hair.
3. Keep it moisturized.
4. Wear it in a protective style, I wear braids.
5. Keep your hands out of it lol.
My worst habit.
I'm always messing with mine, but I'm learning to stop.
My hair is very fine like the strands are nearly invisible, which means it is very very delicate.
I have to keep my hands out of it to grow it.

Anyway, by doing these things my hair has already grown down back again in just a few weeks.

My hair grows faster during the summer, and it's only been summer for about a month.

I'll post a picture in a few weeks after it's been washed cause I can't show you the exact length while it's in braids.

I have type 4 hair which is the hair with the most shrinkage.

In care you don't know what shrinkage is,
I'll put some pics below.

Anyway, one more thing you can do is look up fast hair growth methods on YouTube for your type of hair.

I don't know which type each of you have, but I know for sure that the methods above will not only help your health, but your hair growth regardless of which hair category you fall into!

My goal is to have waist length hair by 2023!

Do any of you have a hair goal??

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