Chapter 75 The situation is urgent! (1)

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Mo Yun's prime minister's palace is about half an hour away from the palace. When the Feng Tian Qing arrives, Qin Yu has been poisoned for three hours!

"your Royal highness, you, how come you are here!" The guards at the door saw Feng Tian Qing

He doesn't have the time to take care of them. Every minute counts, Lan Er is suffering from great pain in the palace, time is tight, must be fast!

"Where is Mo Yun?"

"Because the princess refused to help Chen Daren to work together for the disaster, the emperor appointed the prime minister to assist Chen Daren. The prime minister just went to Chen Fu..." Feng Tianqing's face is getting worse and worse, and the guards are finding it hard to say anything.

Feng Tianqing only returned a sentence 'damn! Before going  away.

This... What happened to His Highness? How come suddenly... he is so angry?


At this critical time, when one needs a certain person the most they are not there, damn it!

Chen Fu... The time to go to Chen Tao's house is about half an hour's time, hateful! Time is being wasted in  unnecessary places! If, if Mo Yun can't think of a solution in time, or ... or save Qin Yu, it will take some time, if not she will die!

Chen Fu.

A bodyguard hurriedly ran into the inner court. Mo Yun and Chen Tao discussed the future prevention and control methods in the Hengcheng area. It was not pleasant to see someone disturbing.

"What is it?" Chen Tao is not happy.

Didn't you see that we are negotiating here? There is no such rule!

"Reporting,  news came out of the palace, that if something happened to the princess!"

As soon as he heard it, Mo Yun stopped his hand and asked: "What happened to the princess?"

Xiao Yu has an accident?

"The details are not clear about the job, just listen... I heard that the princess is very likely... will..."

This is really not very good to say, but I should understand it accordingly?

Mo Yun changed his usual appearance, cold face, "Where did you hear this news!" Xiao Yu is in the palace, how can such a thing happen?

"This, the job is from the palace to the royal doctor to buy medicine to learn from the mouth of the eunuch, the little eunuch is not afraid to disclose more, but from his tone, the princess ... now the situation, I am afraid is very dangerous......"

There was a loud noise coming from the outside. After a while, Feng Tian's face appeared in with a smack. The few guards in the back were scared to move, it was the first time they saw the horror of his royal highness!

"Tianqing?" Tianqing will be so eager to come out, that is to say Xiao Yu really...

"Lan Er has lost her heart and you have a way to save her!"

Erosion! Xiao Yu actually eclipsed the heart! According to him there is no antidote for erosion scattered heart , and those poisoned would die within 12 hours!

"How long has ir been since Xiao Yu's been poisoned?!"

"It's been nearly four hours now! Is there any way to save her?!"

There is, there is no! Of course, it is best. If you don't have it,then think about other ways! There is no extra time to spend here!

It has passed four hours! The toxic effect of eclipse is more serious over time, although it is normal to be poisoned at 12 o'clock, but it is poisoned by Xiao Yu! Xiao Yu is a woman, and there is no martial arts, let alone 12 hours, 6 hours can not be past!

hateful! For this kind of thing to be happening, no matter, in the first place, we must first enter the palace to see the situation! I hope we have time!

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