Chapter 20 - When?

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I came to, a wet towel in my mouth. I drained the liquid from it gratefully. My mouth was slowly filled with water, my tongue soaking it up and slightly returning to its regular size.

My mind came back, returning from the darkness that had eaten it.

The first thing I knew was that I wasn't dead, and that someone had saved me.

The gun shot.

My confusion.


Corey was the one that saved me, he carried me through the puzzle of trees. Running in a z-motion. Me lying limp in his arms, the whole world spinning endlessly.

I sat up, what if he hadn't survived... what if he hadn't made it - been shot or what...

Who had gotten the towel in my mouth then?

I looked around with my brown eyes, my head still aching. I was in a car. The scent of the cream leather filling my bloody nostrils. The towel fell out of my mouth, I immediately felt weezy from the removal of it. I picked it up and shoved it back in my mouth, the cold water washing around in my mouth.

The car was bare, no personal touches apart from the towel I was lying on and me. The car was in lock mode the air conditioning warming me. I was already feeling better even though I was exhausted.

I pulled my body back to lean on the door, the window fogged up. Before settling down again and trying to rest I looked around outside. The weather bleak, but we were parked somewhere unknown to me.

The wind was still whipping around and leaves being thrown around everywhere, the sky a dark grey colour. 

There was Corey in his furry coat and his tall 6"3 body slowly strolling around the car.

 I guessed I was inside the black SUV I had seen before, considering the windows were just as dark from the inside as the exterior look of them. I sat on the seat looking out the window at Corey moving around in the wind for a few minutes.

I could still feel the dried disgusting mud on my bum and my legs. I didn't mind, I only cared that I was alive and that I could wriggle my toes again. I looked down at the skinny things, skin torn off here and there, toenails bruised and black, a broken toe and mud splattered everywhere.

Now I understand why he put a towel under me; I was a pretty ripe mess...

I could see the mud marks and blood from me on Corey's nice jacket, a few leaves still stuck on his back. His blonde hair blowing into his eyes. Even in this chill, his tan remained even, not even a whiter or redder nose.

"Oh crap." Corey started walking towards the car. I turned around and lay down again. Act natural Hope... pfft you weren't looking at him. Just lie down and act like you just woke up - he won't suspect a thing.

He opened the door with a click. 'Acting naturally' I opened my eyes and stretched a tiny bit. Then gasped when I realised I was sorer than I actually thought. Real smooth, Hope.

Corey turned his head and looked at me. I tried not to stare back at him awkwardly and pushed myself up to sit across the back seat.

"Hey. You okay?" He asked his blue eyes staring into my soul.

"Uh... yeah." I replied back weakly. My throat tearing apart as I had stopped sucking on the towel which was now dry. "Do you have some other water?" I coughed lifting the dry towel.

Without a word he climbed out from the driver's seat and walked around to the boot.

I soon had the water bottle in my hand, taking small sips of the luke- warm water. My throat sighed.

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