Chapter 1: Half A Heart

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Chapter 1: Half A Heart

" Wake up Val." My friend Emily said while shaking me.

" No. 5 more mintutes." I pleaded.

" Ok. Fine, then I guess we'll miss Magcon." Em said. Then getting up and walking out my bedroom door.

I opened my eyes, threw the covers off, grabbed my phone and ran to the bathroom.

I turned on the the shower and played my music. The first song that came on was Half A Heart by One Direction. Incase you didn't know, my 2 favorite things are 1D and Magcon.

After the shower I threw on a pair of high- waisted denim shorts and my Cameron Dallas shirt. I blow dried my hair and took out my curling wand and started to curl my hair. After what seemed like hours, I was done.

I put on a coat of mascara, brushed my teeth, and put on a baby pink  color lipgloss and I was ready.

" Emily I'm ready." I yelled.

" Finally." She said.

" Girl you look cute!" I said

She was wearing her Taylor Caniff shirt with black cropped leggings, vans and a tie-died bandana.

" Thanks Val. So do you." 

" Let's go meet the boys." We both screamed and ran out the door.


At 8:30 a.m we arrived and got in line.

" So who are you most excited to meet?" I asked Em.

She looked at me with her face reading " did you really just ask me that question?" 

" Right Taylor." I said

" What about you?" Em asked

" HAYES." I screamed while blushing.

After my outburst we finally got to go inside.

Authors Note****

Hey guys! So this is my first fanfiction so don't judge. If any of ya'll are reading this, thanks for reading my story!! 

~ Makenna

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