Chapter 4: The Second Day Of The Job

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Stephanie was tired and annoyed at the same time.

She has been working all day, since Egz made it perfectly strict to work all night, instead of going outside and during the next day too.

That... wasn't the right plan for Stephanie to work with.

She stretched out her back, slightly wincing from the ache that she has to kneel down the whole time to scrub some oil off of the ground that one of the rude employees that just spilled.

As she stretched, she glanced over at Egz, who was talking to his fellow employees and to Stephanie's hearing, she hears is, "blah, blah, blah."

She rolled her eyes in slight annoyance, annoyed that she had to work all night for "extra credit" when she all wanted to do is to relax at Nash's home!

She went back down to scrub the ground when she glanced up to see Nash, walking across from her on the other side of the isles of desks instead of in front of her to make her more annoyed, carrying the blueprint of the machine that he was working, with the help of her.

When Nash reached Egz, he tapped his shoulder and Egz glanced over at Nash, with a slightly annoyed look on his face, but, eventually masked with a curious look on his face.

Since Stephanie's left ear is metal, she could hear what they are saying, and she is feeling slightly worried about their reactions, and be caught helping him with his work since she's a janitor.

Egz took the blueprint from Nash and looked at the diagram for a moment, before glancing up at the nervous looking Nash, looking worried as he wrung his hands, also worried about their thoughts too and getting Stephanie caught.

Instead of throwing it in the trash to make him restart or firing him right on the spot and demand him of who else helped him, he instead smiled and wrapped his right arm around his shoulder, talking to him, as the blueprint was in his right hand, gently rolled up in a roll.

That means that they like the blueprint!

Relieved that they liked Nash's idea, she gently sighed, happy to know that Nash isn't going to get fired from making a mistake or getting herself in trouble from the handwriting.

She went back finishing the mark on the ground and after she is done, she got up from the ground, stretching out slightly, when Nash walked up, with a happy smile on his face.

"I... want to thank you for helping me," he gently spoke while smiling.

"'Thank me?'" Stephanie repeated, before gently chuckling. "You don't hafta thank me, thank yourself."

"'Me?'" he repeated in confusion. "But, you helped me!"

"The other half of the project is from you, so, earn the credit." She gently protested, gently tapping his shoulder. "'Sides, if it wasn't for you, you would've been fired right here on the spot."

He was going to protest back, when he stopped, thinking to himself, before nodding his head, understanding what she meant.

"Anyways," she spoke, before nodding her head towards him. "Duty calls."

She turned around to the other way, with her back towards him and walked down the hallway, while Nash was standing there, thinking to himself for a moment.

"Hey, Nash!" a male employee called for him, as he turned around, to look at them. "Would you like some champagne?"

He was quiet for a moment, before shaking his head side to side as if "no thank you" and the employee that called him shrugged instead of urging him.

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