Chapter 74 Very heavy poison! (2)

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"Lu physician, you say ...... Lan Er's poison has no antidote?" Flatly as if to say what to eat today, cause the the old physician make cold sweat fly, this is not the so-called calm before the storm?

Although he said that he could not cure her ,his identity as a doctor.., but... he really has no way.Ah

"Yes, yes. Erosion is the secret medicine of the assassination of the door in the rivers and lakes. No one knows its ingredients. It is said that the drug makers are not at all, and no antidote has been developed."

"No development? Hey, since someone can make this poison, it means that you can also make antidote! You, right now, give me the antidote to develop, the sooner the better! Lan Er has been poisoned for 2 hours , your limit is 10 hour to make the antidote and be referred to my hands, if not ...... put his head to see! "

Although his expression seems to be completely all right, but it makes one to feel the extremely cold! His old life...

Princess! You can't have anything to say about this. If you have something to say from this, you will not have it. Although it feels a bit wronged to let the old lord give you a golden stalk, it is not old, but there is a little lady who needs to support it! If this old one is dead here, no! Rescuing the princess is a must, it is very likely to be full of copying!(??)

In the end who is so not human nature, harm the princess ah! This thing did not mean to kill him!

Yu doctor hurriedly left the room, after all... to hurry up! At least, even if you can't develop antidote, you have to find a way to continue the life of the princess. The princess can spend more time, he can live more or some days, in order to save his life, he must work hard!

Moreover, putting such a vicious poison on the princess... It's really cruel, the princess doesn't know how to be so heartbroken. So young and energetic people are now on the verge of life and death. As an elder, he has to do something for the princess!

Zi er standing on the edge of the bed, red eyes are red and swollen is definitely inevitable, but at the beginning, nothing can help, can only help the princess to be tortured, vomiting blood, the arm of the temple is blooded by the princess's nails Purple children covered their mouths uncomfortably and did not dare to cry.

We, can they help her? Yes, there must be something to do!

correct! Xiu Er and Zi Er suddenly had a tacit understanding of the upper eye, how to forget him! Mo Yun! What he is also a prime minister. Also used to be a supernatural person, maybe! Maybe he has a way to save the princess!

"His Royal Highness, maybe there will be any way to comunicate with the prime minister!" Xiu er pushed forward and asked Feng Tian Qing, and there was no way... after I went out from the hospital, I've been watching Qin Yu a daze, didn't listen to anything. Come on!

"Well? prime...minister? You mean, Mo Yun?"

Mo Yun... I remember that I used to listen to my father emperor. Mo Yun is a high-ranking person, but Yun himself rarely mentions it. He almost forgot! Maybe... maybe Mo Yun really has a way!

Just like that, he recovered a little glory again, caressing the pale face of Lan Qin Yu, although the face is no longer black, but  pale is enough to make him feel bad.

"Lan Er, you will be fine! Weren't you saying that you have to look at the handsome guys all over the world, you have not been to other places, have not completed your wish, right? I believe, you will be safe!"

After that, he stood up and told Xiu er and Zier: "Take care of the Lan Er, if there is a half-point difference, you all know the consequences!"

At the end, he added a sentence to Lian Che, "Hey Che, help me  look after Lan Er. If she feel it's too painful, it doesn't matter if she smells the fragrance... just don't let her be too uncomfortable."

"Imperial brother....I understand!"Lian Che gave Feng Tian QIng his guarantee, will not let his sister have the slightest room for error.

He believes that when the second brother returned, it was the time when his sister returned to health and was full of energy again! Usually energetic, happy sister will definitely come back!

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