Chapter 73 Very heavy poison! (1)

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When Feng Tianqing entered the yard, he saw that Xiu er was sitting on the ground in a panic, the tears of Zier's face, and the most important Lan Qin Yu's face was lying in Xiu er's arms, her eyes were tight. The ground was closed, and the uncomfortable expression made his heart smash.

"Lan Er!"

They were still good in the morning, but it has only two hours, how come this happened!

"What the hell is going on! What happened to Lan Er!" he couldn't help but roar at the scene.

Zier was too scared to scream, but silently wiped her tears. Xiu er was still quick to respond. Some trembled back: "We slaves are not clear. She just sat here to drink tea, talked to us, turn around. The princess fell to the ground, her face began to turn blue, and she began to vomit blood, her body trembled..."

Feng Tianqing picked up the princess on the ground and ran to the house. "Call the doctor!"

"Yes, already called..."

Inside the house, everyone is staring at the imperial doctor for news of Lan Qin Yu. They didn't dare to look at the  princess's current situation, but the old doctor... has been frowning, except for frowning, cold sweat. It's not cold sweat or shaking hands!

All the phenomena are telling Fengtianqing, Blue is very dangerous!

"What happened to Lan Er? saysomething!" You know that you frown, and if you diagnose the result, if you will not sayu it quickly we are just wasting time , and it will only make Lan Er feel more painful!

"Heavens, Tianqing, it hurts! Pain... , Tianqing, help... help me, I am so uncomfortable..."

There are thousands of ants in the bite, and there seem to be countless needles in the knees, and itching and pain! It's just a living hell!

"Hey--"  she turned over only to spit black blood into the basin, losing consciousness again, and fell softly on the bed.

She has been crying since the beginning, and the blood has spit up half a pot, her face is ugly to death, shouting and shouting because she can't stand the pain, fainting frequntly! Damn it! He can only see that she is suffering, but he can't do anything, he can only do it urgently!(??)

For the first time, he felt that he was so useless. He was scared for the first time. He was afraid of losing her. He was afraid that she would faint and then not wake up again!

  Feng Lianche heard from Xiaodouzi that the Ningning Palace had a problem, and also rushed over. Only to see that Qin Yu is so uncomfortable, he could only turn his head and look away,with  tears are spinning in his eyes, but he can't let them flow down.

What are you crying! Sister Qin Yu will be fine, crying is not saying that she will have an accident! Don't cry!

"Back, back to the Highness, Princess, she..." The old doctor swallowed and didn't know what to say before he got back to the upper body. Someone was killed in the palace, but the most can't be leaked, let alone let him say The princess was poisoned...

"Hurry and spit it out! Say it all!" You want to die, don't you!

Feng Tianqing is already mad, and roaring with the royal doctor, the old royal doctor's leg is soft on the ground and trembles: "Replying to you highness, the princess she... is poisoned, and it is in the middle, the middle eclipse The heart is scattered, the poisoned person will feel very painful, like a thousand tiny needles constantly holding her heart, the toxins spread very fast, and ... and..."

"Say it!"

"And the eclipse is scattered... if no medicine can be found, ten, twelve hours, the poisoned person ... will die!" The old royal doctor said it out, then closed his eyes and waited to die.

The room was caught in an unexpected silence, and Feng Tian qing turned sullen, and his thick hands clenched the cold hand of Qin Yu and frowned. The face is so ugly, the Lan Er must be very pained?

"Second, the second imperial brother?" Lian Che worriedly called, but ... Feng Tianqing did not listen.


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