You're the reason I smile everyday

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Your POV:
I've been thinking about a lot of things recently and also I've been thinking that I'm not good enough for Brooklyn. I see all the pretty fans he meet when on tour it just makes me a little sad. He should have someone better than me like one of them. Brooklyn is an amazing guy and I really do love him, it's just that he's a famous and he gets a lot of attention from fans which are mainly girls. It makes me sad to see that they're more pretty than me. I wish I thought I was perfect for him.

- - - -

Brooklyn wasnt in the room as I was sat on my bed looking down at my phone as I was currently going through twitter and Instagram. I love the roadies a lot. I really do. They all have their own talents which I find awesome which really makes them all stand out. Some of the roadies have sent me hate messages or comments. I hate it. It brings me down. Every since someone sent me a link to a load of them the other day I haven't put my phone down because I've been reading them all. Also links to pictures of Brooklyn and fans.

I was still sat on my bed reading through the feed and looking at the photos of Brooklyn and some fans. There was a knock at the door which I didn't hear but in walked Brooklyn. "Hey babe." He said joining me on the bed. "Hey." I said quietly locking my phone and placing on the bed side table. Brooklyn moved himself closer to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. We sat there in tears. "Baby what's up?" He asked as he could tell I was sad. It became silent again.

"Am I good enough for you?" I asked still looking down at the bed. "Babe, what kind of question is that?" He said cupping my face into his hands. I mumbled in response. He lifted my chin up so I was looking in his beautiful green eyes. "Babe. You are more than good enough for me. I don't know what I'd do with out you. Ever since you came into my life it has got better every single day I spend with you because you have made it the best." Brooklyn explained. I smiled weakly. "Boys like you don't like girls like me." I said and began to cry as tears slipped down my face. Brooklyn knew I had days where I would be really sad and suffer from my bad anxiety. Whatever came out of my mouth Brook would totally understand why because of the mood I would be in.

A few tears left my eyes and fell down  my cheeks. Brooklyn whipped them away with his thumbs and gently kissed my cheeks. "Y/N, don't even listen to anyone who tells you different because it's not worth your time. They're probably jealous that I am so in love with a beautiful girl like you. I'm never going to change that and no one will. You're apart of my heart, a big part that I don't want to loose and if I did then I'd be heartbroken. I love you so so so much. You are perfect in your own way and I love you for who you are. Babe just because I meet girls that are pretty doesn't mean they are as pretty as you." He explained.

I leaned in and rested my forehead on his so both of them where touching. We looked into each others eyes for a while then our lips touched as we got closer. They moulded together perfectly and it felt amazing. I never want to loose him. We pulled away after a while and layed down on the bed together for the rest of the day. I'm glad I have a boyfriend like Brooklyn. He's amazing.

A/n: I just want you guys to know that you're perfect in your own way and don't let any other people take you down as it's their weakness. Everyone who reads this is perfect so believe in yourself. All the lads would be happy and will think you are great. I'm going to leave it there... don't forget you're perfect in your own way...


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