Chapter 11- In Month

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# Kai pov#

Shit. Shit. Shit.

What the fuck had happened?

I kissed him!!

Even though it was accident but still its not fucking fine because we are going to get married. Sexual tension between us had grown so thick that now it could be cut by knife. Why the hell did it happen?

What would I have done if my phone didn't vibrate at that moment? Would I have kissed him? Hell no!! I wouldn't have did it right? I am not a gay!! And begin gay is all another story. Its not like as if I am a homophobic person. To me begin interested in someone is regardless of gender. And I am not interested in Shean. I don't like him.

Holy fuck!

Why am I even thinking about it? It didn't matter. It was just an accident. I would have never done it myself. Because he doesn't matter to me. I don't care about him. It will not change anything in our relationship. Most of all it was a kiss by accident we both will forget about it. It was not something special in any matter now was it?

"Yes dad." I answered the call rubbing my face with one hand to release my frustration.

"Where is he? Is he comfortable there? Did you talk to him? Did he like the gift?" He bombarded me with questions one after another. He is my dad but he freaking care more about him.

"He is fine and he liked your gift and I talked with him too." For gods sake! you lecture me for good half hour because I was not here to welcome him and ordered me to talk with him first when I arrived. What did he thought I would do after him wasting thirty minutes and making me late for my meeting? I don't wanted to repeat it all so what did I do? I went there to talk with Shean because I know if I don't then he will know. And what happened after that? We freaking kissed! And who's fault is it? I sighed in frustration thinking all this.

"It good if he liked it. Well then I have important thing to talk to you about." He spoke in serious tone. I walked toward my resting chair and asked while seating "And what is it?"

"You know about the party our company will be holding tomorrow evening, don't you?" He asked.

"Yes I am aware. What about it? Is there any problem?" I asked thinking about possibilities.

"No there isn't any problem. I want you bring Shean along with you to the party." he said in most obvious tone.

"Why the hell would I suddenly bring him along?" I asked raising my voice in frustration after hearing his name.

"Don't raise your voice with me Kai. And first listen up." He reminded me in strict fathers tone. I take a deep breath to clam myself and asked in more soft tone,

"Why should I bring him with me dad?"

"You are aware that many big personalities and all important business men's will be there. media will be there. so I think it would be your best chance to announce your engagement with Shean. It would be even better if you also announce about time you want to get married." He explained.

I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. He had a point there. It would better this way. But why the hell everything have to happen so fast? Never mind, sooner I start it sooner it would be completed.

"OK dad I understand. I will be there with him tomorrow evening. Anything else?" I asked rubbing my temple.

"Better. And don't forget engagement needs prof. And tell Shean I will send what to wear for him. He didn't need to worry. See you tomorrow." He hang up after that. Wow. Why not just adopt him?

After that I went to Shean's room to inform him and let say that things between us were pretty awkward. He didn't look into my eyes for a second and keep his eyes fix on ground as if it was the masterpiece by Picasso himself. And I was having a hard time to control myself from staring at him especially those kissable lips of his and his blushing face was not helping here.

Why is he blushing so much? Its not as if it was his first kiss and it was not even a proper kiss. As soon as the thought that it was not his first kiss came to my mind my blood began to boil thinking that someone had already kissed those lip more. Someone else had touched him more. I get angry thinking about it. after all he is going to held the tittle of my husband soon. Nobody touches what's mine. even if i don't like it. It mine and that's all. Call me whatever you want.

"I will announce our engagement and about our marriage to be held in a month. So be prepared" I told him controlling my sudden anger.

"In a month?" He snapped his graze towards me. Shock was written all over his face. I only nodded my head.

"But its too soon. I have university and-" he started but I cut him off shouting,

"And what? Do you think I have that much free time? You can always take a day off from your university. I have new projects coming afterwards and I don't have more time to waste on this. We are getting married after a month and that's final." I exhale long after my outburst still eyeing him. Why am I so pissed?

He look taken aback and then he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. He lowered his head and whispered in low voice


Doesn't he understand what I said? I leaned down towards his ears and he stiffened up quickly. His smell hit my nose and man, this man does smell good. I lowered my voice and said in husky but dangerous tone, " No buts sweetheart. We are getting married in a month. Am I clear?"

I could fell him shiver when my breath hit his neck. I really like the effect I have on him and fact that he can't hide it is really innocent. Something about him make me want to tease him and pull me toward him. I can't keep my hands away from him. I felt him nodding his head so I pulled away from him. His head was lowered but his blush was still visible. I turned around to go back but then I remembered so I turn around and said

"Be ready in the morning tomorrow." he frowned his eyebrows in confusion and asked "Morning. Why? Isn't party at evening." I winked at him and replied,

"Because we have to go buy our engagement proves."


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