Chapter Fifty ~ Rebellion

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I entered the room the genin had slept in the last time I'd seen them, breathing a sigh of relief; they were alone. Stepping out of the shadows, I finally reveal myself for the first time since the mission began.

Thankfully, they had the commons sense not to squeal and shout my name, though Aisa looked as though he'd barely caught himself. "Cashile-sensei!" He spoke in a low tone—less harsh than a whisper—instead. His quiet voice did nothing to offset the excitement clearly present in his voice and face. Michiko and Kento also grinned, greeting me as well.

"I feel as though I've gathered all the information needed from my area," I informed them after doing the handsigns to keep our voices hidden.

"Where have you been?" Michiko asked curiously.

"Other side of the river," I waved her off.

Their eyes widened. "How did you manage to get over there?! It's all blocked off!" Kento exclaimed.

"I got myself invited over." I rolled my eyes, showing them the overly fanciful pass card.

"How?" Aisa asked.

"You guys should know by now that I have my ways." I smirked, thinking of how thankful the man had been when I'd oh so generously helped him out of the situation that, unknown to him, I'd purposefully caused. "Now, report on your findings."

Even though I had clearly gone over how to report to me in a clear and concise manner, they all started speaking at once.

Aisa spoke, "There were men that attacked us--"

Kento continued, "And they tried to hurt us, and we let them--"

Michiko finished, "Then this girl named Sid came out and we let her "save" us--"

"I know," I cut her off. The genin held dumbfounded expressions. I cuffed Aisa upside the head lightly. "Did you think I wasn't keeping tabs on you three?" I asked, raising an eyebrow slightly, and rolling my eyes.


"After you infiltrated quarters. Report to me your findings after you infiltrated their quarters," I said, as if they should already know this. "And one at a time," I glared.

"R-right," Aisa began. "A lot of the people on this side of the river think that the system is unfair. The rich people on the other side of the bridge are raising taxes in the name of "protection", but really they aren't doing anything but taking money from poor, helpless people on this side of the bridge. And there are bandits which wreak havoc on this side, leaving the people here without protection too. So the group we infiltrated is planning to revolt against the other side."

I nodded. Good. Their intel matches mine. "Good job guys, anything else?"

"We noticed that these people don't seem like the enemy," Kento said. "They just want to fight to be freed from the injustice in the area."

"Yes, I can see why you'd feel that way," I mused. "Our mission is done here. You three did very well. We're leaving now," I stated.

"What?" Aisa questioned, almost yelled. I flicked his forehead.


"Dummy. This jutsu I cast only lasts as long as our voices aren't raised."

Aisa defended himself with a glare of sorts. It wasn't a natural look on him, that's for certain. "We  can't just leave these people to fight for themselves. We can help them!"

I placed a hand on my hip and glanced behind me. "We can and we will. Our mission was to gather intel. We are done here." With the tone of voice I'd used, I didn't expect anyone to argue with me.

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