Chapter 72 An accident has occurred!

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All in all, in short, the last thing that suffers is always purple! And Zier has always continued her movements and squats without change, so that the whole cycle is viciously circulating!

The only advantage is that in the long-term, specifically, Lan Qin Yu came to this era in the past six months, Zier has gradually adapted to her and Xiu Er of the teasing, did not create any substantial damage on her, nor In her single stupid mind left a slight shadow. More crisp, this girl too unicellular, although that are fun of every day, every false cry several times a day to express their dissatisfaction, but never really felt wronged, abused looks like a little tendency!

It seems to be a bit off the mark, continue to return to the topic! Zier panted and ran to the front of Qin Yu , and the tea on her hand did not sprinkle outside. Strictly speaking, is this a technique?

As Lan Qin Yu speculated, she is so anxious that it is really not a big deal.

"Princess, the princess, the second, the second, prince came over here."

Two twenty-two, repeated so many times, he is almost called by you two...

After a long time, I was forced to come over, is it that he hasn't been here? Is it so exciting to be so excited? However, it is useless to tell her, absolutely can't change! That being the case, let her continue to be excited.

"I know, speaking of what is that in your hand?"

It is the most important thing to transfer the topic at the right time. Otherwise, it will be inevitable that Zier will start to publish a long story. He said that the second is also Feng Tianqing and how her feelings are good. How does Fengtianqing care about her, care for her, and go to the morning every day. Come to Ningning Palace.

Since Zier's day into the house of Fengtianqing, every day after seeing the picture that is not suitable for children, these words have become a daily necessity for Zier to teach her a lesson! She can all fall back, and all the words are repeated, and Zier can tell her a whole hour!

"Oh, the princess said this, it is the snow ginseng tea that was sent by the Queen of the Queens yesterday. Zier wants the princess to love it, so I have a pot for the princess, so you can taste it."

"Snow Ginseng Tea?" She used to drink tea in modern times. But after coming here, tea is not out of the mouth. It is not that she suddenly likes it, but that there is no one in the palace who can drink boiled water. How cold is it! Drink something else? If you don't drink tea, then there is only wine. Can't you let her drink alcohol?

Therefore, she can only drink tea every day, but drinking tea is good for the human body, then it doesn't matter, and after drinking for half a year, I am used to it, and I slowly understand the product!

I heard that Xueshen tea is the best tea, and the taste is definitely not to be said, but she has not yet drunk it! Because it is the best, so no one can drink, even the daughters of the emperor's son (??)can rarely drink it!

But there is a queen, what good things will not fall to her!

"That hurry give it to me, let me taste it!"

Zier carefully handed it to Lan Qin Yu, and she poured a cup of Pu'er next to her. She just came too fast, and she was suffocating, and had to slow down!

"Princess, not Zier nagging, 2nd Royal Highness really good, you see Highness looks handsome, but good enough for you carefully enough, each time to see your eyes, even Zier startsto blush! "

Nothing, you are blushing. He is obviously the look of the big bad wolf watching Little Red Riding Hood. At any time, there is a danger of being swallowed and eaten. It is best to stay away from it. Um... This tea smells so fragrant, it must be more mellow in your mouth! I thought about it and took a good meal.

"In fact, the second imperial highness did it with the princess in mind, the people in the palace can see." Xiu is rare to remain silent( i think this meant that it is rare for her to talk), but also inserted a sentence.

"Xiu er, you also think of it! Right, right! I said, ah, Princess and Royal Highness will be very happy together, and Her Royal Highness the Princess and the 2nd prince are not really brother and sister, what did it matter what the identity of !"(??)

When I saw them close on the same day, I couldn't help but scream... but they are really good! And their princess is not in charge of identity, who is the princess, how can he pay attention to the worldly vision!(??)

"So wait for the prince to come down, the princess, you can no longer deliberately be cold on the prince, you must take the initiative to attack! Zier said "right, princess?"

Why don't you deal with her?

Zier and Xiu er have been discussing, and they have not paid attention to the reaction of Lan Yuyu. Now, with a little movement, they turn back without doubt. Both of them are called out.


The person who was supposed to be sitting in a rocking chair and drinking tea didn't know when she fell to the ground, and the tea was scattered.

"What happened to the princess? This is how it fainted. This, what is this! How come, how can it bleed!" Zier said incoherently, seeing the blood spilling from the princess's mouth, and then unable to restrain herself from crying. .

How can a good person do this?

"Fast, call the doctor! Come, come!" Xiu er can no longer remain calm, the princess's face is blue, the body is shaking, this... What the hell is going on!

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