Bonding with Star

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Okay... fine. Better than a date.

Loxo: *bursts out laughing*

*mentally screaming* I meant dare! D-a-r-e, dare! Phone you ignorant little sht fck! Stop autocorrecting the word 'dare' to 'date'!

Lemondrop: Even your phone is trying to get you from being mateless.

Voodoo: *whispers* Well... I-I wouldn't mind being the a-alphas m-mate...

Loxo: *appears next to Voodoo* Didn't you get friendzoned by the alpha themselves?

Voodoo: ...Shut up

Lemondrop: Poor Voodoo. If you want the alpha you have to go through a few others.

What are you three talking about? Whatever... let me just deal with thedate.


....someone please murder me. *picks up Star and walks off into another room*

Dusk: *walks up to Lemondrop* Voodoo, you have a ask.

Lemondrop: I'm not Voodoo...

Dusk: sht, wrong person

Lemondrop: ....I'm a wolf

Voodoo: I'm a raptor, mind you.

Dusk: You knew what I meant. *walks up to Voodoo and hands them ask*

 *walks up to Voodoo and hands them ask*

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Oh...*looks at tail that's covered in bandages* Yes, it does, but it takes longer since I'm a raptor and larger than the lizards you humans have today. The scientists added some traits lizards nowadays have into me while I was just a little egg. I just have to be careful to not get an infection since it's possible. But yeah, it generates like other lizards!

Bishop: Well that's cool

Lemondrop: I wonder how Classy is doing with Star.

Loxo: Rose is her bodyguard, I think its obvious that they ge- oh... oh, you're not talking about that Star.

Silence: There are too many Stars...

*kicks door open with Star on their head* We're back!

Dusk: *flinches at the sound* ...Welcome back Star and Alpha

Lemondrop: Welcome back you t- WHAT WERE YOU TWO DOING?! YOU'RE BOTH DIRTY!

*Laughs and gives Star a pat* We were roughhousing and I was teaching Star how to hunt!

Loxo: I was beginning to wonder if one of you murdered the other. And I swore Star hated Rose!

They did, but after a little more of a introduction of myself and a backstory we started to get along. We had a little puppy and alpha moment if that makes it more simple.

Star: Arf!

Voodoo: *jumps a little and walks away from Star* I don't do good with pups...

Heh, alright Star, off you go to your creator. *takes Star off their head and puts them down*

Star: Woof woof! *runs off*

Loxo: Hmmm, I feel like you only got along because no one else was around to see your soft side!

Shut up. I have no soft side. Only my alpha side.

Loxo: But what about when you're with your twin, the other Star, your cringey friend, and-

Here hold this *hands Loxo a splat bomb and walks off*

Loxo: *looks at it* What's th- *gets covered in blue ink* ROSE! THAT WAS REALLY UNCALLED FOR!!!

*comes back* Your face was uncalled for.

Loxo: *gets some ink off their face* Well your life was uncalled for!

Your existence was uncalled for.

Loxo: Your love life was uncalled for!

What love life?

Everyone: ...........

No one can sass me as hard as I sass myself. Anyways, that's it for today. Got any dates or asks in mind for one of us, go ahead and comment it down below.

Loxo: *gets an idea* Yeah! Got any dates out there, go ahead and let us know! You know... a date with a-

*looks up at what they said* ...I meant dares! No dates! Dares! This fcking phone is gonna drive me to the crazy if it keeps autocorrecting dare into date!

Lemondrop: Hehe, but there could be a dare date if someone says.

No! Don't give them ideas! Bye! Tally-ho now, all of you!

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