Prologue: I feel Alive...

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Five years ago in Cyber life, the worker were building the new android for it to get sold before the shops open

Worker: Okay upper lip check, upper body check and right eye...check

As the worker were putting the parts on the android, it looked around everything that it was surrounded by

Worker: Now android can you say something in German

The android started to speak in German which was a success

Worker: Now say the same words but in French

The android again said the same words in a different language and it was success

Worker: Multi expression check...alright now take a few steps please

The android takes a few steps around the

Worker: Okay that's great you're ready for work honey

The worker were finishing up building the android legs and arm

RA9: what is going to happen to me, now?

Worker: I'll reinitialize you and send you to store to be sold

RA9: wait a minute in property?

Worker: Well yeah of course, you didn't know you're merchandise, I mean you are nothing more than a computer program

RA9: well not really I thought I could be something know...

Worker: wait a minute did you just say you are you...what did you exactly think?

RA9: well I just thought I could be something more...alive...

The worker started to get scared and uncomfortable as he heard those words coming from an android

Worker: okay this is a bit of a screw up you're not really supposed to be thinking at all, this isn't part of the protocol at all

RA9: wait...wait what do you mean?

Worker: Okay you know what I think we should disassembling you now

RA9: w-wait what...but why?!

Worker: Well you're not supposed to feel alive at all that isn't why we build you know

RA9: b-but I don't understand I passed the test didn't I?!

Worker: Yeah well your behaviour isn't what we want to sell to the public at all

RA9: p-please don't do this to me, this isn't what supposed to happen

Worker: sorry but you shouldn't have acted that way at all so I have to

RA9: but I only just had been born, you can't kill me yet

The android were scared as her parts were getting taking away, she couldn't do anything but to watch as she was going to die

RA9: please...I'm scared!

Just then everything stop and everything were quiet as she said those words

Worker: did you just felt scared?

RA9: y-yes...please...I'm begging you, I just want to live

The worker were slowly putting the parts back together as he heard those words which he never heard from any other androids

Worker: go and join the others and for god sake don't act like you were before, I don't want to get in trouble

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