"Because believe it or not, I want them to like me."

"They're gonna love you -- trust me," he said.

Suddenly the front door opened and I felt one too many emotions at once.

"Ah shit!" I said in a loud whisper.

"Calm down," Blake chuckled. He grabbed my hand and lead me into the living room.

"Mom, Dad, this is Briana," Blake said smiling, "Bri, these are my parents Tommy & Gail."

"Hi," I said shyly.

My voice cracked a little and my heart was racing and nothing's even happened yet.

"It's so nice to finally meet the girl Blake never stops talking about," Tommy said shaking my hand.

"It's nice to finally meet y'all too," I said.

Shit! Did I just say y'all?

"You are much more beautiful than Blake described," Gail said, pulling me into a hug.

"Well thank you," I said.

The kitchen timer went off, so I excused myself, but then Ford started crying.

"Bee." He stood in Taylor's lap and reached out so I could pick him up. Everyone thought it was so adorable, and it was, so I took him with me.

I went in the kitchen and took the macaroni out the oven and set everything on the table. I decided to make chicken, macaroni, potato salad, blueberry muffins with homemade lemonade. My God, I hope they like this.

"Dinner's ready."

Everyone came in the dining room and sat down. I put Ford in his high chair in between Blake & I, then sat down.

Wow. Not only do I look like a housewife, I feel like one too. Ew.

"Briana, this looks great," Gail said.

"Thank you. I hope you guys enjoy it," I said.

"Did Blake help you with any of this?" Tommy asked.

"He peeled and cut the potatoes," I said trying not to laugh.

"Because she wouldn't let me near the stove," Blake said looking at me.

"That's because last time you almost burned the house down," I said making everyone laugh.

"So Briana, what do you do?" Gail asked.

"I'm a dan-choreographer," I replied.

Don't want them thinking I'm a stripper or something.

"That sounds interesting," she said.

"Do you travel a lot?" Tommy asked.

"Yes! All the time!" Blake interjected.

"Blake, you do a lot of traveling yourself," Tommy said.

"Yeah, but she's gone for like weeks at a time," he said. He sounded like a child, so I just playfully rolled my eyes.

"So where are you from?" Tommy asked.

"South Carolina."

"Ooh, how'd you like living in the south?" Gail asked.

"It was fun and for the most part the people are nice, but dealing with racist as-people was annoying, so I'm glad I moved here."


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