Chapter 72

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Briana & I haven't seen each other in a month because we've been pretty busy. I just got back from Spain yesterday and she just got back from Virginia this morning. I've missed her so much.

From the moment she walked through my front door, we've done nothing but have sex. I mean, we had sex on the couch, in the kitchen, the laundry room, the shower and the bed. When we were finished we, tiredly, lied in bed distractingly touching each other.

"I missed you. Like a lot," I whispered to her.

"I missed you too," she whispered back. Her eyes were barely open and her head was rested on my chest.

There was a brief silence in the room before I spoke up.

"Bri, I know I've already said this, but I really want you to move in with me," I said hesitantly.

She didn't say anything which made me believe she didn't want to or she was already asleep. I've been trying to get her to move in for a while, but she always says the same thing.

"I don't wanna move too fast babe," she said quietly & sleepily, "and if I move here, what am I gonna do with Bailey?"

"She can come too; Chaney'll have another dog to play with."

"I'll see."

It got quiet again, but it didn't last long because I had something else to say.



"I want you to meet my parents," he said.

"Okay baby; I can't wait."

"I'm glad you said that because they're gonna be in town this weekend," I said slowly.

She must have brushed off the fact that she was tired because she sat up quickly and looked at me.


"They're gonna be here this weekend and they wanna meet you," I said.


"It'll be fine." I sat up and kissed her temple to reassure her.


She lied back down and looked up at the ceiling. If she was tired, she's not anymore.



Sunday got here entirely too quick. // Today is the day. I'm meeting Blake's parents and I'd be lying if I said wasn't nervous. I was supposed to meet them yesterday, but I was way too busy with work. They took Ford & Kayla to the zoo or something and they should be here around three.

While I was in the kitchen cooking, I began to think about what his parents would think when they see me. I don't want them to see all these piercings and tattoos and think I'm some kinda freak.

It was getting closer to 3:00 and I needed to go get dressed, so I went upstairs. As I was getting ready, I did everything with his parents in mind. I put on a rose print dress with a white sweater and paired it with Keds. I took out all my piercings except the pearl earrings in my lobes and my belly button ring. I left my hair curly because it hid the blue streak I just recently got. I looked in the mirror to see how I looked and wanted to gag.

"I look like a fucking housewife," I mumbled to myself.

I stared at myself in that mirror for a while before going back downstairs.

"Well don't you look cute," Blake said smiling. He walked over to me and kissed my forehead.

"Don't get use to me dressing like this. I'm only doing this for your parents," I said checking on everything.

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