Chapter 9.

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Before we start, i think this book will have an end on chapter 10. I'm not sure if I want that to happen so ... What do YOU think? Even if it's one person i will do as said.
( by the way this happens a few years after high school)

"Beep Beep Be-" I stopped my alarm. Good morning Aj-" I stopped. Right. She's not here. How long has it been? 6 days? It feels like forever since she went to Manehattan. I just feel empty. She said there was a family emergency but she didn't know what it was. Just when i was planning to ask her to marry me. Darn it. I haven't heard from her since. I'm kinda worried. Maybe I should go see if she's ok. I bolted out of our bed and went trough her stuff to try and find the letter that had the address. " Found it!" I said and quickly started packing a bag for a few days. After about 2 hours later i was done with everything. I got and online ticket and will stay at a hotel for the night. I went out and drove to the train station. The whole trip all I thought about was Aj. Maybe she left me for someone else? Would she do that to me? I'm the love of her life right? I saved her from that curse! She can't leave me! Can she?
Ok i know this was kinda short but there will be another part tomorrow. I think i will write the important parts of their like until marriage and then we'll we what we can do. Bye!

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