before you read

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First, it's important that you pay attention to the dates and times. You might be confused otherwise, as there are time skips.

Also, warning: there will be mature content.

Although this is a fanfiction, that's really only due to my inability to create characters.

You can read and understand this book without any knowledge of BTS or any of it's members; the events in the story do not correlate to real events.

This is also slightly important to read:

Yoongi is a respected, rarely defeated underground fighter. He loves the money; who wouldn't want a Lamborghini and a sea-side condo all to himself at age 22? But more than the money, he loves a good fight.

Jimin is an underage stripper, trying his best to raise money for college. He wants to become a lawyer to make his unrelenting parents proud.

If you choose to read, I hope you enjoy

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