Chapter 1: Her

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Love? What is love? Is it an emotion? Is it something you feel? Who can you love?

Nope. Love isn't an emotion. But, yes, you can feel it... 

You can feel it break your heart into a million pieces.

I've been through "love" before. I remember how it was good. How it made me feel good. How everything was almost like everyday's a happy day. I was in love with you once.

How everything you did & how everything about you was absolutely P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

Well... at least, that I thought.

2:35pm, August 28th *Friday*, 2015

We were packing up as the bell rang. "Our spot." He would say as he whispered in my ear as he gave me a back hug & left the classroom. As I grinned to myself after putting my stuff in my backpack, some guy walked by while dropping a flower. Of course, I didn't know him at the time. I had no choice but to keep it, because by the time I picked it up; he was gone. A single red rose.  I locked the flower along with my supplies in my locker after that.

How was I supposed to know?

As I went inside "Cafe of the Century," he came up to me, showing me his phone with an angry expression. He walks out & I follow behind him. We went up the road to an alley to talk. He showed me his phone & there was a picture. I grab his phone to take a closer look.

It was a photo of me receiving the rose

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It was a photo of me receiving the rose.

"Look, Dan. It wasn't what you think." As I tried to explain myself.   " "It isn't what I think?" Cut the bullshit, Eve! Look! This is evidence! You think I wouldn't know?!" He yelled as he took the phone. Tears brimmed my eyes as his harsh tone continues. "Come on. I thought you loved me only. ONLY ME, REMEMBER?!" Tears fell down my face as I try once more to explain. "A guy was walking by when he just dropped it next to me. What did you want me to do? Give it back to him? I tried. But as I picked it up, he left & I was still trying to pack up my things! How could I have prevented that, huh? How, just... HOW?" I yell right back at him. With sadness in his eyes, he said those words. 

"We're through." 

It took me a while to realize that he left me, going further & further into the alley. Tears were rolling freely down my cheeks & fell to the concrete ground beneath me. I turned towards his direction & started walking; to explain once more... When I heard Dan's voice. 

"I've done it! She's finally off my back. Now I get to be with my girl from here on out. Isn't that right, Ash?" A girl emerges from the shadows. "Of course, my dear~" She coos. She walked over to him & gave him a peck; red lipstick staining his cheek. "Tom! Wonderful job! You got that hag off my man, thank you." She says & a guy emerges from the shadows.

He's... no... That can't be possible. It's him alright... 

The same guy who gave me the rose. Red converse shoes. Tom speaks, "Alright, Dan. Now where the hell is my money you promised? A deal's a deal. Anyways, why did you even date the poor bitch? Was she that desperate for you?" Both Dan & Tom snigger. "She was all over me! She couldn't get enough of this body! Oh, by the way, here: $150. Just like I promised." Dan replies.

I didn't want to hear anymore of their talk anymore so I turned on my heel & ran. Right as I get out of the alleyway, a car honks at me. I turn & see a car speeding towards my way. Shocked, I couldn't move. My feet felt like lead & it weighed me down. Suddenly, two arms pull mine & I was out of harm's way. I turn to look at the one who saved me. "Tom..." I say breathlessly. He tries to talk to me but I interrupt him first. "Fuck off, Tom. I know what you did. Get away from me. I never want to see you, Dan & that girl again!" I ran off to my house, several blocks away. 

12:06, November 6th *Monday*, 2017

That was my not-so-great love story. I despise it with a passion; with my whole being.

I never want to find or experience love ever again. 

(A/N: I dunno what this story is... it's just a random idea I had... Well, hope you enjoy!)

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