Chapter 67 Another kind of birthday! (1)

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"If you leave the princess, is this going to be a mess at the emperor's birthday banquet?" I thought it would be the wind season Lin started to attack, but I couldn't think of it. The former old man was the first to express his anger and see the meteorite's eyes as a ghost.

Just a stone, is it so exaggerated? A group of neuropathies!

"Is it wrong? This adult can really laugh, if it is a princess, I should be the emperor as a father, and my father will live a long life. How can a child be upset? What do you say?" (I don't know how to change it)

"The princess, this is what it is! How can these ominous things be presented to the Holy One!" The old man shuddered at the meteorite, but his body continued to retreat.

Ominous things? I don't know how precious this thing is in modern times! How many scientists are looking forward to the opportunity to study, but not yet? According to him, this is an ominous thing. What is the smoke? If you dare to say that she is an ominous person, send him flying!

"You are laughing again. The emperor wants to know what kind of material the sword is made of. If it is just taking this 'material', the ominous thing? What is the explanation of the adult? But it is a stone, how can it be said that it is unknown? ?"

All ancient folk rumors or superstitious ideas must be proved by facts. It is really superstition, or else they cannot change their deep-rooted ideas!

"This thing is an extraterrestrial flying stone that was circulated in ancient times. It is an ominous sign. The world is very clear! And this thing falls and falls to the lives of many people. The farmland cannot be cultivated, and the surrounding houses are strongly weird. Destroy! If this is not unclear, then the old minister would like to ask the princess, what is unknown!"

The old man  said that in a way one would think that was righteous and stern, and he was very impassioned. Several adults around him agreed to nod and nod, almost letting Lan Qin Yu think that what he said is the truth!

It is simply nonsense! Still flying stone outside? Why don't you say flying fairy? If a person flies down from the sky at that time, will this group of people be regarded as God? Just because it is not a creature, it is a stone, it is completely reversed, and good is bad? What is the logic of this?

"Adults, what you say seems to be the truth, others are big people seem to think so too, right? That being the case, if it is made to explain to you from my understanding as well. Cough, you always say, this was a bring disaster to fall on people's lives, right? If it is that away also have a question to ask you, never to speak of the marginal height of a stone falling so much, will it not impact  you? ordinary people just a few meters from high It's fat enough to fall down. How much weight does the thing have? How big is the weight of the stone? How much weight does it have? Let's not say how big the hole will be when it falls. The light just knows the speed at which it falls. Very fast, right? It's normal to roll up the wind all around, isn't it?"

Too many words to talk about, first drink the tea to moisten the throat, then let the people present and the emperor digest the truth in her words!

After a slight pause, I continued: "The strange winds that adults say are all produced. That is to say, the so-called strange, just a normal natural reaction, can not say evil or unknown! Knowing that such a stone is called a meteorite, it is an auspicious stone that will fly from a distance at regular intervals. Although it may damage the surrounding environment when it falls, it is natural.

The material can be used for the welfare of many people! Just like the sword in the hands of the emperor, you have all seen the sharpness and magic of this sword, which is cast from the meteorite in front of you. I think this is enough to prove that it is not unknown. On the contrary, it is auspicious! "

The voice just fell, and the exclamation of the people sounded one after another! Jumped on the bandwagon of the fence! In addition to describing them like this, Qin Yu really can't think of more appropriate adjectives!


"If you hear it, this thing happens to fall on the full moon feast of the Seven Princesses, but unexpectedly, the princess does not seem to receive more respect and favor, and even more people are plainly spreading rumors, maliciously seriously injuring her. Princess is that it? "

Seemingly careless, Lan Qin Yu faintly swept a glance at the people, with the toes to think also know, there will be such a preferred choice of pedantic ideas, is to take a few old age fade! Who said that ginger is still old and spicy? Dragged him out and shot! No, drag it out!

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