Chapter 66 (2)

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At the opening of the birthday banquet, the princesses of the emperors sent them to the birthday ceremony and said some life words. In fact, there is nothing like a blessing in the East China Sea. It is a very common word like Nanshan. It must be said that the gift has some literary treasures. There are also some exotic things that are sent from other small countries. There are also embroidered parishes that the princess sent to the emperor himself. It is also very thoughtful to send the handmade products among many gifts.

Feng Tianqing sent the emperor a gift, which is the god grass that was collected from the sacred mountain of the distant moon country. It is said that it has the effect of prolonging life and is rarely seen in Qingfeng. It is very precious.

Qin Yu has no research on the herb, um... frankly speaking, except for things like ginseng that can be recognized at a glance, she does not know anything else! Maybe this god grass is a modern herb, but unfortunately she is too shallow to learn, can't name, and can't recognize it!

In the end, if there is still no birthday, only the smoke(7th princess) and Qin Yu are gone. Everyone else returns to the seat. Some of them are very curious to observe Lan Qin Yu and guess what the new princess will send. Precious longevity.

Surely, sitting for so long, it seems that time will come.

Take the hand of the smoke, pick up the rectangular work box that has been placed around, and slowly walk to the front of the temple.

"Wish the emperor good health and good luck, a few days every year, but each has at the present!" Princess closure, on formal occasions, always said that if he is away, although the name sounds good, can be used for nearly 20 if the name changed to suddenly be really a bit strange.

"Well, haha! This life is very special and very energetic."

The words are directed at Qin Yu, but the eyes are still facing the smoke. Every year, He can only see her face several times. Even if he saw it, he just watched her and the ladies playing in the distance. Now she is only a few steps away. The emperor's heart is inevitably a little excited.

Qin Yu did not hesitate to send the gift, and Liu Gonggong presented it to the emperor.

"this is......"

Open the box, the items placed inside are a very chic sword! The texture and texture of the scabbard are very good. The emperor takes out the sword from the box and the sound is very crisp when the sheath is released!

Good sword! I do not know that the emperor thinks that some of the military officers under the temple are also very excited to stare at the sword, are all generals who kill the enemy on the battlefield, the most important thing is the weapon of their own, who will even the most basic resolution Do you understand good or bad?

It is not uncommon to cut a sword like a mud, but... when the emperor just used a sword to smash a piece of iron into two halves, the civil servants who did not know the sword also made a sigh of relief! The sword back is not very sharp, you can cut out such a cross section, if you use a positive sword... the effect is not difficult to imagine!

"Good sword! Good sword! If you leave, are you getting such a rare sword?"

"This sword is not a sneak peek, just because there are good materials and excellent sword-making masters, you can cast such a sword!"

Where did she go to find such a good thing! He wants to go and get it himself, but he also has have the opportunity to go out and get it. The problem of the emperor itself is a disease!

"Oh? Good material?" Where does the country have such superior materials?

Qin Yu calculated that the emperor would ask, clap her hands, walked into the six guards from outside the hall, carrying a big box.

Mo Yun raised his eyebrows, Xiao Yu should not...

Six people stopped in the middle of the temple where everyone was sitting, and put the box down and back down.

"this is?"

What kind of tricks does this girl play? Infected by Lan Qin Yu's style of doing things without a routine, everyone was curious to wait for her to reveal the answer.

But! When Qin Yu opened the lid of the box, after everyone saw the things inside, in addition to Feng Tianqing and Mo Yun, without exception, they stepped back at least 5 steps!

She really took the rest of the different stones! Sometimes He really wants to sigh, don't let him guess that he can't do it every time! If it is a good thing, it will be considered, but every time she has to make the atmosphere so nervous!

Looking for excitement? When he asked her, most of the answers were yes...

The emperor stood up too unexpectedly, and the Queen was frowning. The Queen stunned her mouth to avoid calling out. For a time, the entire hall was shrouded in a low atmosphere. The old ministers, who usually have a lot of words, closed their mouths and only looked far away from how far away from the so-called 'unknown' things! Oh, they are so bold!

"What do you all get up for? Sit, don't you feel tired?"

Lan Qin Yu's slightly ridiculous tone made a few sleazy veterans blush, but no one was willing to return to their seats. The most controversial thing was that people close to this stone would provoke rumors of the upper body. Who dares to take risks?

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