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A sharp afternoon breeze brushed past a little boy and blowing his brown curls to the side, and a small curls that usually hanging over his left ear now covering his forehead and eyes too. The boy wasn't paying attention to this though, in fact, he wasn't paying attention to anything at all.

Not at the thundering on the sky, or a grey clouds that slowly covering a sun and steal any remain sunshine, nor at the man that standing against the huge oak tree, studying him over the past 1 hour.

His little feet that covered by sneakers, dangling back and forth as he swings slowly on the swing at the park, occasionally kick the ground beneath to kept him swaying. His eyes cast downward and his mind searched the possibility how to back home.

The thundering grew larger.
The man that had stared at him unblinkingly stole a glance at the sky and grey clouds that covered it. Sun had long faded, few droplets of rain now one by one fall, and the man knows, if he didn't get away from here he would be soaking in the rain very soon.

He gave a little boy last wary glance and to people around him that running and searching for shelter. With a determined sigh, he pushed himself off of the tree and walked towards the little boy.

The man knelt before the little boy and showing him his assuring smile, telling him he means no harms with his friendly smile.

He was meaning to tell the little boy where are his parents, or maybe he's lost or something because the little boy had been sitting in the swing for an hour and there's no one came to talk to him.

Something about this little boy that intrigued him, that makes him unable to tear his eyes away for the boy's form, something magnetic that pulled him towards this boy.

But as the little boy looked up when the man said a little 'Hey' and locked eyes with him, all questions seem to double to thousands of questions.

The man froze.

Beautiful grey eyes that have little ocean-blue around the middle, long eyelashes and thick eyebrows that brows in confusion.

All words seem to evaporate from the man's mouth. His heart beating rapidly against his ribcage, he suppressed the urge to clutch his heart, or worse, hug the little boy.

It feels like he was staring at the mirror.

After several seconds he stayed that way, mouth gaping open, hands shakily clenched and unclenched and kneeling in front of a little boy that looked at him as though he'd killed his puppy.

With a deep breath, he forced himself to asked. He has to do that now or both of them would drench by a rain. The rain now falling on his cheek and dragging the tear that falling from his eyes, landed on his trouser and faded, leaving a small evidence that he has to asked the boy and get the hell away from here.

As he standing from his kneeling position and offer his hand to the little boy."Follow me." He simply said, begging with his eyes so the boy would trust him.

Surprisingly, the boy hesitated but decided to trust him, placed his hand over the stranger and let the stranger hoisting him up to his feet.

The man took the little boy in his range rover, tucked him on a passenger seat and put his seatbelt on. After that, he rounds the car to take his place in the driver seat.

Just as he closed the door, the rain starts to falling, tapping furiously on every surface.

The man's eyes drawn back to a little boy, and he was almost startled when he found the boy's eyes already on him.

"You have same eyes with me. Who are you?" The boy inquired, tilting his head to the side, as though trying to comprehend the situation he is in.

The man struggled to find a word to answer him because he also had the same question in his head.

Who are you?

The boy looks like him, like the picture of his childhood that plastered all around his parents' and his mansions. Same curls, grey and blue eyes, narrow nose, arrow upper and full bottom lip. If he had been sleeping around during his teenage days, he'd thought this boy is from a slip-up and a mistake he hadn't meant to. But he never slept with random girls, except with his ex-wife and his girlfriend, Ruby.

Speaking of ex-wife...

"What's your name?" He asked instead.

He waited.

And waited.

Until finally...

"Toby Brown." The bo– Toby said with a little frown on his face.

The man's heart stopped for a while and started beating furiously again, as though someone yanking it.


Addison Brown.

He vaguely remembers Addison had mentioned about her being pregnant but he brushed it off, not believing it was his son.

And he remembers perfectly how she got a full custody, and he signed it with his divorce papers.

Could it be possible?

Is Toby his son?

Or is it just coincide?

Addy! His mind screamed Where are you? Please tell me this is our son! Come to me, please.

His mind begging, but his mouth didn't.

Someone tapping harshly on his window, pulling him out from his reverie.

For the third time in less than fifteen minutes, his heart stops for a while.

And this time, he fainted.

*To be continued*

A/N: If you are reading this, which means you've read my story too (obviously), thank you very much!

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