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Lan Qin yu- the main character in the story.

Feng Tian Qing-2nd prince

zi er & xi er-Qin Yu's servant girls (if I forgot to change it they are named sleeves and purple child)

Feng lian che- 6th prince

Mo Yun or Xiao Yun Yun-Prime minister

Feng Yi Ling- first prince

smokes or Xiao Yan Ruo-7th princesses

Xiao douxi or small beans if I forgot to change it-Lian Che's eunuch

Green search or Qing Xun-Qin Yu's secret guard

*****2 volume*****

Yue Ruoyun-Moon country's emperor

Xu Zhu or Heron-ex-keeper of the dark door Lan Qin Yu's master 

Su Leng-left hand of the door keeper

Qian Luo-owner of the exhibitions hall and Yanmen's main door

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