Chapter 65 (1)

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"Xiao Yu? What do you want this thing for?"

In the Ningning Palace, Qin Yu's handcuffs were playing with a piece of dark stone. Mo Yun really couldn't understand her thoughts. Suddenly let him get the different stones that were dropped when the seven princesses was born.

"Well, I think it should be about... But I haven't really seen the Rock, and I'm not sure if this is the case..."

"Meteorite? What is that?"

I don't answer him, I talk to myself, what are you doing?

An idea in my brain and asked Mo Yun with a smile: "Xiao yun yun, help me find a few blacksmiths, find the best master!"

Blacksmith? What does she want to play again?

"Looking blacksmith is no problem, but what do you find them for?" As if nothing and let him take this gravel bar association?

"What is the blacksmith doing?" Mo Yun stupid? Would you like to ask her?

What do you do? "Of course it is iron!"

"For ah, of course, is that I find them to strike the iron ah!"

After that, I also hit the ground with the rubble in my hand. It is very good, there are no traces, and this weight...the iron content must be very high, and most of them can make some good things!

"From the emperor's birthday, um... is the birthday, right! How long is the birthday?"

"Five days."

Only five days! I don't know if I can come or not!

"Small clouds, you must hurry to find me the blacksmith! Very urgent!" If it is late, it will be a waste of effort!

"Although I don't know what you are going to do, it is certainly no problem to give it to me. I promise to give you the best master at the fastest speed!"

I know that looking for Mo Yun is no problem! People are good and bad, and it is best to find someone to give him this kind of thing! Now, everything is ready, only owe the wind!

Q. What is the wind? It goes without saying it?

Of course, after five days, the emperor's birthday feast! If you are ready, but no one has accepted the results, isn't that very boring?


Lan Qin Yu always thought that the Emperor's birthday party was held in Xuande Temple, and he definitely thought that his third time was this birthday feast...

But also, here is the palace, it is impossible to get there every time there is a big event? I only know that there are five halls in the palace like the Xuande Hall! The last two times in Xuande Hall is purely coincidental!

Forget it, it doesn't matter where it is held, as long as everyone is there!

In Fengxian Hall, the people who participated in the birthday banquet were much more than the last two. After all, it was the emperor's birthday party. The civil and military officials had to participate. The last time they took the emperor and the queen, the other side There is no one in the position, because the Queen Mother is not in the palace. Of course, the position is now done by the elderly in the Queen Mother!

The birthday banquets of previous years are said to have been smoked because of the opposition of the ministers. This time, under the absolute guarantee of Lan Qin Yu, the Queen Mother will let her bring the smoke together. When the ministers saw the smoke sitting next to the Qin Yu, they were dying, and some even couldn't sit still.

Look at them, lest you be implicated, and make the smoke a monster from start to finish! What if people do something wrong? Just look at her! The more you look at them, the more uncomfortable they are. Let's take a look at the seven princesses, and hold the gifts that I have prepared for the emperor. I am looking forward to the innocent and cute little face... How to look like people!

The emperor also noticed that the smoke was also in the beginning. I was also worried about what the ministers would say. It was just... seeing the smoke sitting next to Qin Yu, he couldn't help but look forward to it. I don't know if Qin Yu can unlock it. The knot in the hearts of the ministers.

The emperor's eyes were very loving, and that was the look of a father's pity when he saw his daughter. Qin Yu was finally relieved, and it was a last resort to understand the emperor.

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