Chapter 63 Unknown person! (1)

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"If you smoke, be careful! Don't run so fast, it's easy to fall." The voice just fell, running a little figure from the side of the Qin Yu, wearing a very cute pink dress, a bit like a princess dress, In fact, she is indeed a little princess.

"Two Huangxiong?(second brother) Sister, you have come!" Behind him with hurried out, Feng Lian Che?

"Little Xiao Che is also here! Wow! Who is this kid? So cute! Pink toot!"

Qin Yu squatted excitedly and kneaded the face of the little girl, slippery, tender and tender, super good! The girl who was called a cigarette, did not understand the behavior of Qin Yu. No one ever pinched his face before. Why did this big sister pinch her?

Tianqing pulled up Lan Qin Yu, let her sit down honestly, and looked at the situation! Smoke if she...

The Queen Mother spoiled Xiaoyan Ruo, saying: "Yatou, this is the emperor's youngest daughter, and the seven princesses are smoked. You are now a princess, and she is your sister in the future."

"The little daughter of the emperor! So cute!"

Seven princesses? Haha, this ranking is quite special!

Up to now, she has not carefully asked how many children there are in the emperor, she knows only the infamous hatred of her big prince Feng Jilin, next to Feng Tianqing, and Xiao Yu Che! Yu Che is the six emperors, then there must be three or four princes in front of it? If the little smoke is the smallest, it is only the seven princesses, and the emperor doesn't have lot of descendants!

I don't know where I am going now?

"I have been in the palace for a few months. How have you seen a little smoke before?" Don't say, it seems that I rarely hear people say that this little princess, other princesses are mostly small. I heard some eunuchs and sleeves in the mouth, seven princesses? Really no impression at all...

The Queen Mother waved her hand and squinted her eyes with a slight distress, bringing the little smoke back to the back hall.

Ok? What does it mean? Is it... the meaning of the screen retreat? However, why is the party removed? ?

"I don't blame the girl who hasn't heard of the smoke, in the palace... very few people are willing to mention her."

The Queen Mother looked at the front slightly, and the thoughts drifted to the day when the smoke was born...-

"Mother, you use a little more power, the goddess is hard!"

"Ah! It hurts! It hurts!" On the soft bed, a beautiful woman is struggling with pain, her fingers clinging to the edge of the bed, her nails almost embedded, her forehead cold sweat, scared the dying lady and yelling not good.

This, this is going to kill people! Why is it wrong, but it is difficult to produce it!

"Back to the emperor, guifei, guifei niang niang are difficult to produce, I am afraid... I am afraid..." A palace lady rushed out, not telling the good news, but it was a blue sky, and the emperor irritated overthrew everything on the table.

"How come she still has a difficult time! It has passed now more than a few hours, cannot be born, Royal body cannot stand it!"

"This, this...return to the emperor, the maiden has been fainted several times, and the maiden body is weak, if it can no longer be born..."


"Then, if the smoke is good now, is it finally produced smoothly?"

When Lan Qin Yu heard this, she couldn't help but ask questions eagerly, and relieved the mood of the Queen Mother in a timely manner.

"Luo guifei, that is, the last moment of the Princess mother of Yanruo, ask the emperor to leave the smoke, but she is..."


Yes, the examples that have been difficult to produce in history are either stay big or stay small!

In October, what kind of mother will be willing to let a small life die before it is born? I can't think of it... It's a pity if the smoke is born without a mother!

However, is this related to her not having heard of smoke?

I still want to ask again. Under the dangerous eyes of Tianqing, my mouth continued to listen quietly.

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