Chapter 60 [Into V Announcement] Award-winning event

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Into the V announcement

Starting today, the article "Genius Pets" was officially entered into V. Before the shallow, there was also a possibility to enter the V beforehand. It was signed a few days ago. It was just over a month before yesterday, so I picked today. Days into V.

I hope that I like to be shallow, and I like to be able to support them as always! If you are not satisfied with the inconvenience, or if you think that you are not worthy of spending 2 yuan to read the original, you can't continue to support it. You won't complain about it in the shallow (in the corner circle)

Of course, in the future, I will work harder to better interpret the stories and characters in this article. I will not let the pros who have been chasing the text disappoint. In the end, I hope that the pros who can't continue to support at least do not give a shallow blow.

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Su is idle, and participated in the selection of popular female writers in April.

Have time to leave a footprint.



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Many authors have their own forums, and I also got a ha, but it was also helped by others.

Forum address:

This forum has entertainment headlines - announcements, events, gossip irrigation area

Su Shiu tribe - works related (new text notice), shallow club, small work association area

Anime Empire - Anime Exhibition Hall, Sausage Hall, Tongren Tribe, Weimei Wolf Zone

Dongbang Special Zone - Alien Pavilion - Dongbang database, fierce youth, unrestricted space area

In the Eight Diagrams Irrigation District, the moderator, assistant, and members of the Eight Diagrams Group.

Shallow club club recruiting club minister, deputy minister, member.

The animation exhibition hall recruits two deputy directors.

The Sacred Hall is the deacon of the Queen, a member of the nobility group, a member of the Knights, and a citizen of N.

and many more.

The new forum has just been established, and the staff is lacking. The sooner the position is enrolled, the greater the chance of registering members~~

Now or never.

Like the text written by Su, like the pros of Su, you must go to the club to apply for membership club members.

In July or August, Su intends to make a prize-winning event, and it will be released in the forum at that time. Only members can participate. There is a VIP in the award.~~~~ It is not a member, but there is no chance. Oh~~

Oh, huh~~~~

Su waited for your arrival. Ha ~~~ After the forum, please read the Zhaoan stickers in the announcement and the check-in stickers in the Eight Diagrams Irrigation District.

Su shallow, 09.5.28 stay


Notice: The pet reviewing activity has been posted, and the parents are actively participating. Prizes include reading monthly, yellow diamond, QQ membership and so on. ~~~

Also said at the end of the previous, about the petitions on some of the plots will also be issued. I don't think it's really good. If you change it, you will be rewarded with two Q coins. It can also be regarded as a kind of feedback to the pro who can't buy a favorite.~~~~ Or use this Q coin to buy other novels. Haha~~~~

Su Shallow, 09.8.26 stay

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