Chapter 58 The savior appears! (1)

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As far as the current situation is concerned, no one will jump out to save her. What should I do? Self-help!

A black man's sword stabbed straight to her chest, and Lan Qin Yu quickly evaded, don't be small! Although there will be no effort to fly around, of course, it will not be consumed with them here, but she is somewhat confident in her own conditional reflection, that is, the ability to meet danger. So long things, so close to yourself, the alarm bell in my head has already exploded!

Under the ravages of shackles, I had to learn some of my self-defense moves. At this time, she played her rare role. By relying on them, they had completely different 'advantages' from their martial arts routines, and finally helped her to avoid a few times. The attack that is going to be harmful.

"Damn it! It hurts!" Qin Yu was careless, and his left arm was wiped by the sword. Although the wound was not deep, but a long strip of blood was enough to be shocking!

The most important thing is that she is most afraid of pain! Also hate others to leave a wound on themselves!

This group of bastards! Don't want to live!

The anger in Qin Yu's heart was ignited, from the initial tension and panic to the current anger, looking around, and noticed that there was an axe at the door of a room next to it, without saying anything, it was directed at those people. A messy plan!

It's completely unthinkable, and it's closed with a physical reaction, and even the eyes are closed!

Since people can become killers, it is certainly not bluffing, how might not be such a standard than to scratch her? When she waved her arm and broke it, she panted and waved the axe down, knelt down and rested, then looked up and slayed!

This group of people has never moved since the beginning of the chain! It is simply waiting for the time when she is too tired, treacherous!


The person who took the lead re-issued the order, this time the feathers are a little rebellious! Finished! I'm going to die!

Looking at a group of people getting closer and closer to themselves, Qin Yu feathers once again closed her eyes, not for anything else, just did not want to see his bloody splashes, miserable look! Don't see her death when she dies! However, she really does not want to die, who will save her?

As long as someone comes to a hero to save the beauty, she will... she will thank him for a lifetime? It seems that there is no sincerity, then... divide the baby in Mo Yun, give him a little bit, and at most half of it!

What can she do with her promise of such a promise? What if she saves her is a ugly monster? What if a woman is doing it again? In short, this kind of commitment will not be established casually, although the person who made this commitment will be saved...

Huh? After waiting for a long time, I don't feel a little painful? According to the distance, she has been stabbed into a hedgehog. Is it actually dead, but not conscious? It won't be out of the soul?

Haha, how is it possible!

Although the heart of the East wants to think about it, Lan Qin Yu still dare not open her eyes.

"That, are you finished? Hey? I can talk, does that mean that you don't kill me?" Is there such a good thing?

"Well, if you don't do it again, I will give up when you give up, I can go!"

Half a day still did not move, Lan Qin Yu kept her eyes closed, turned and tentatively took two steps, no one stopped? Normally, it's a good thing to be silent, but it's too confusing, and people can't help but wonder why! Didn't she find that she was beautiful when she was at the last minute, and she was not willing to start?

Black lines, I think this idea is very speechless...

Driven by curiosity, Qin Yu came and looked back!

Do not know, look at the next jump! It's people who change their minds, and people are simply being put down! Savior! The savior really appears!

Let's take a look at where the hero's 'prawn' is the best!

"Heaven, Tian qing?"

The person who stood in front of herself and looked at her with a good and funny look, isn't it Tian qing? How is he here? I thought that it was Mo Yun who came back in time!

"How come you are here?"

Feng Tian Qing, no words, go forward and pull the Qin Yu into his arms, "stupid woman! Desperate to scare me to death! Even if I don't say anything, I will go out of the house! If I didn't arrive in time, now The person who would be lying here is you!"

The uncomfortable distress and tension between the words of the words made the eyes of Qin Yu red. This man... is really worried about himself...(i don't know if i selected the traduction that matches the scene)

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