Chapter 57 Halfway attacked!(2)

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But there will always be a few people who will not be willing to be their own? Should there be? There must be! Therefore, in order not to let them really feel bad when they leave, they must not let people know her thoughts. It is better to have short-term pain than a long-term pain. It is better to know that she is going to leave, and not retain it. This is what she called short pain! I don't know if I don't know the days, haha!

Qin Yu looked down and thought about when to go right, and did not find anyone in front of the road!


Lan Qin Yu was hit by this, and it hurts and hurts! Hate, who doesn't have long eyes, blocking the way of Miss!

Frowning and looking up, standing in front of a few people wearing black clothes, but also covered up!

Although it is now close to dusk, don't you have a masked person and a black man so early? Cerebral palsy ah! People will know that they are not as good as they think they are!

Originally, I wanted to say to them, that they were alive because of their swordsmanship! This, this, since most of the people are here, it is obvious that they are coming out of 'work'! Since it is work, she is not going bother them or anything, right?

"That, sorry, I didn't pay attention to seeing the road! Sorry! Sorry! I will leave, you are busy! You are busy!"

Qin Yu was very careful to go around and try to get around as big as possible, away from the sharp swords.

"Stop!" for the first person to drink.

"Stand, stop? Stop standing like an idiot!"

The voice just fell, and the feathers ran away. People let you stand and tell you, their goal is you, why don't you run!

Don't run? Don't run when you want to run, you will run away! She recruits whoever provokes her, why she has to encounter such unlucky things! She just stayed in the palace and went out to play. If she didn't have to, she would have to be chased.

Still have a look... Qin Yu is not afraid of death, counted back, and also came 5!(don't know what that mean)

God! Do you have to be so through with her? Give her so much money, and can't she give her a chance to spend? Then don't give it! Didn't you hear people say, what is the most painful thing for people? The man is dead, the money is not spent!

She does not want to die so painfully! She only wore it for a few months, and she hasn't started her other life yet! Haven't been to the distant moon country they said, the paradise! not yet......

She still has a lot of things to do! I knew that I didn't want to eat so much just now. I didn't run much now, and I spit it out! Don't eat so much again next time!

The person behind him followed her tightly, because the street was too small, and there were many people. It was very inconvenient to catch up. Several people exchanged their eyes for a moment, spread out, and flew up the roof along the way, and wandered to the front.

"This is cheating! Cheating! You will be martial arts; I am a weak woman, no! I am not mentally handicapped! Oh, what a mess! In short, it is not fair!"

Lan Qin Yu was anxious enough to scream, but unfortunately, whoever said what she said, the sword in her hand has been attacked unceremoniously.

Oh shit! This group of people actually had a little pity and no jealous heart! Don't think that she is so bully, anyway, she can't run anymore, in other words, she can run without them...

She fights! I can stick to it for a while, and I can only hope that the stars will look forward to the moon. I hope Mo Yun will come over earlier, or someone will find her situation and call the police! No, yes... yes! Notice the trick!

Your dear princess met the assassin! !

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