1-First Day Back At Goode

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(DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the characters but the plot is all moi)
Percy's POV


Coach Hedge screamed at the swim team as we started to get out of the pool. I am the only one out of my friends that's part of the team but Jason is in the football team, Grover in the gardening club, and Nico...Well, let's just say he doesnt enjoy sports much.

School is starting tomorrow in Goode High but the swim team meets the day before every year for some weird reason, dont ask.

Inside the changing room it smelled like sweat and deodorant mixed together yikes

I changed and then took a quick shower. I got my things and made my way to the school's parking lot. I own a sea blue Camaro that I got for my last birthday. I really love my car and I named it Poseidon for its color. I was on my way home when I got a phone call from Jason. What did he want?

"Hey Jason,"


"That's my name now tell me what you want I'm in the car"

"Oh sorry it was just that um Reyna broke up with me today..." I knew from his voice that he was trying hard not to break into tears. Jason was usually a strong, tough dude but man; he was emotional at times like these.

Him and Reyna had dated for about 6 months "I'm so sorry dude, what happened?"

"I dont know, Percy. That's why I called you, you're like expert on these kind of things!" Fact. I'm actually good at advice but I haven't been on a relationship for a long time.

"Look, man, just try to talk it out with her, you have the right to know the reason and if it's something you can change, convince her to give you a second chance"

"Yeah..thanks Percy, see ya tomorrow"

And with that, our little phone call ended, just as I arrived at my house.

-The following morning-

"Mom! Where did my blue shirt go??"

I shouted at my mom Sally as I looked for my favorite shirt in my closet, but no answer came. Just as I was about to give up and put on another random shirt, my mom came into my room holding my shirt.

"Here Perce, I told you it was in the laundry room,"

"Sorry, didn't hear you but thanks mom," I put my shirt on and kissed my mom on the cheek.

I ran downstairs and found breakfast ready for me to eat. Pancakes and chocolate milk yum. I stared at the empty chair in front of me and realized my younger brother Tyson was probably still asleep so I filled up a glass with water and went upstairs to wake him up. I bumped into my stepdad Paul and almost dropped the water on his work suit

"Oi where ya going kid?"

"Good morning to you too, Paul. I'm going to wake up Tyson, be right back!"

I went up the stairs and heard Paul whisper something like 'Kids these days..'

I ran inside Tyson's room and threw the water on him which instantly woke him up

I busted out laughing as he glared at me

"Yo wake up Big Boy we're going to be late"

"Ughhh Percy! Why did you do that?? I'm getting my revenge you know," He said as he finally got up from bed.

"Yeah yeah now hurry up!"

I ran back down the stairs to finish breakfast

"Morning Percy,"

"Hey Olivia,"

Olivia was the youngest of the 3 and I was the oldest. She is turning 9 in a few weeks, while Tyson turned 13

a few months ago.

By the time Tyson was done eating, I was waiting inside my car and Paul, Sally and Olivia had already left.

"Dude you take ages!"

"Chill man,"

I drove 'Poseidon' all the way to Goode High's parking lot. We got off and I waved goodbye to Tyson since we both went separate ways.

I met Nico and Jason on my way to the doors. Jason looked pretty depressed and I guessed it was from the breakup with Reyna. He was wearing his varsity football jacket and he had that usual glint in his eye that made all girls fall for him.

Just as we were talking and joking around, we heard the bell ring and we ran inside with all the other kids. I made my way to homeroom with Nico since we were together and Jason made his way to his. Mr Chiron was our homeroom teacher and one of my favorite teachers ever. He came inside in his wheelchair and smiled at me before greeting the entire class.

"Welcome back guys! Summer's over and it's time for studying now! Get your books out come on!" The whole class made groaning noises as we started to take our books out. "Just kidding you guys, what kind of teacher gives you work on the first day of school?" Actually, all teachers except Chiron did. He told us we could just chill (as always) so I took a look around the room. There were some new faces this year. There was a new guy I met yesterday in swim practice because he was talking to coach about joining the team, his name was Justin, there was also a new girl with dark brown hair whose name I did not know but was planning on finding out. Just as I was about to go introduce myself to her, as the gentleman I am, Travis and Connor Stoll came and sat in front of Nico and I. Let me tell you, these two kids, are the funniest people in the whole wide world.

"Hey guys, what's up?"

"Nothing much, summer was a blast!"

"Yeah that's cause Travis here got a girlfriend during the summer,"

I thought Connor was just making one of his usual jokes but then I saw Travis was red as a tomato but no way Travis Stoll got a girlfriend during the summer! Apparently, I was wrong...

"No way. Are you serious dude?"

"Mayb- Travis started to say but Connor cut him off, "Yes I'm serious"

"Woah who is she?" Nico asked what I was just going to ask

"Katie Gardner, we were friends here in school for a while but I asked her out during the summer,"

"Well congrats bro!"

Wait... I thought Katie Gardner was the girl the Stoll brothers always annoyed...

Anyway, we kept talking about Katie and I made him promise that he would introduce her to me during break, just so I could see him turn red as a tomato again.

The bell rang indicating the end of homeroom so I followed Travis over to his new girlfriend's locker, where a few girls were gathered (I guessed they were Katie's friends). I still couldn't believe this but you know, love has its weird ways of working.

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