Chapter 54 Pawnshop valuation!(1)

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"Xiao Yu, how long do you have to play?" Mo Yun is really unable to support it. It is really a chore to accompany a woman.

Lan Qin Yu pointed to a sign on the right. "Well, I have to go there!"

Pawnshop? ?

Why the pawnshop? What is she going to do?

Lan Qin Yu very daringly holded the baggage that has been carefully taken from the palace. It contained something that is ready to be taken out?

Anyway she is also a princess... Is it necessary to do that? But if it is not something important, it seems that there is no reason to go to the pawn shop...

"Xiao Yun Yun, hurry! aren't you tired? There should be a place to rest, hurry up!"

Qin Yu has already walked to the door of the pawn shop, turned to Mo Yun impatiently beckoning him, and no matter whether Mo Yun has moved or not, she can't wait to go in.

The shop is very spacious, roughly calculate, at least 7,80 levels! (I don't know how to put it!)The counter is also very long. It is from the left door and extends to the right. There is a board separated by a total of 4 people who are greeting the pawn.

There is a separate position in the innermost part, sitting in a 40-something man with some blessings, with gold-colored border glasses hanging on his eyes! Should be the shopkeeper of the pawn shop or be the one in charge of it?

When she came in, the next buddy saw the Qin yuand Mo Yun's clothes, and smiled. He didn't pay much attention to it. She put a hand into the bag and grabbed, and soon a smiled appeared on her face. Taking out a Zhu Xi.

Of course, this is not an ordinary Zhu Xi. It is one of the jewels given by the Emperor in the Grand Ceremony. It is a very valuable thing to look at a glance. The guys take a breath, and the treasurer also lifts up like a conscious. The head of the account bowed.

A gust of wind blew, the shopkeeper stood in front of Qin Yu, and suddenly the enlarged his fat face making Lan Qin Yu quickly step back. Don't spread your fat face to me!

Is that human being? The speed is so fast! Just in the seat 10 meters away, the person who can be the pawn shopkeeper is not simple!

"Excuse me; what do you want to do?" The shopkeeper folded his hands together, smiled and narrowed his eyes.

The guys were attentive as soon as they saw their treasurer, and they rushed to the back hall to make tea! At the shopkeeper's instructions, the servant boiled water, the middle-class to the ordinary Fengjing, the superiors to offer the best musk! What is the situation now it goes without saying? The guy didn't even think about it and went to get the musk tea.

Lan Qin Yu sat comfortably in the chair, carrying the seeds on her hand in front of the shopkeeper, singing an unknown tune in his mouth. Not that she is not in a hurry, but after spreading the baggage, the people in front of her turned stupid.(don't know how to arrange it)

You can't blame them, the shopkeeper is not the person who has never seen the world, but the things inside are dazzling, really can be described as pearl agate, jade, everything! There are also a variety of unique gold enamel, golden leaves! This, how much do you add up?

The eyes of the shopkeeper are abacus-shaped, filtering the things in front of them, and converting the profits at a very fast speed!

This, this is the big gold master!

On Mo Yun's face appeared black lines, the brow is tight, the expression is very stiff.

"Xiao Yu, you shouldn't... really want to take all of this off?"

Is he wrong? These, these things are all given by the Emperor! It is a disrespect for the emperor to arbitrarily take away the things that the Emperor of the Qing Dynasty . Even if she is a princess now, it is always necessary to take into account the identity of the royal family?

The princess went so far as to take her own things out! he had to take his own thing off... when this came out, he thought that there was a crisis in the national customs of Qingfeng!

Mo Yun's voice was very low, except for Lan Qin Yu the others didn't hear it, but the only person who heard it automatically ignored his words and ignored him...

All? How is it possible?

She hasn't planned to leave the palace yet, so why did she sell these things so early? She can't use it in the palace!

However, it is necessary to estimate the price of these things! Knowing the market, she can use these well in the future! Know which ones are worth the money, which ones are more common, and then the most valuable things are well collected, and then saved and used again!

This time she went out of the palace, she brought out only a small part. The contents of the book are full of two boxes, and the jewels are also silky satin. How can they be taken out? In the future, she will not be able to take it with her 'running the road'!

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