Chapter 16

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(A/N: Guys,I found another picture of Licht having his hair inverted.The picture is above.

Oh my god his backpack is Demonic and black too—


Maybe except for his jacket or maybe it's the same because I haven't decided yet.

But for now,let's go along with this picture being Jekyll,just with the ends being tinted yellow just like how Hyde has his ends tinted black.

And I'm sorry for the lack of chapters.

I'm dead inside.)


He knelt down to Hyde's eye level and shook him vigorously until he stirred and grumbled, awoken from his slumber in an alleyway.

"Oi,Oi,Lawless!Lawless!" Kuro continued to shake him vigorously as he called out Hyde's real name because he was allowed to,he was his older brother after all.

Hyde groaned in pain,as he slowly regained his vision and his consciousness and he took a moment to register the person in front of him.

He took note of the fangs,the crimson red eyes like an alpha's,and most noticeably,the azure-hair.

He fumbled for words as he whispered in a soft voice,"N-Nii..San..?"

"Lawless!" Kuro finally sighed in relief as he stopped shaking him and felt a heavy feeling being lifted off his chest and shoulders.

He sighed once again,before he questioned him with serious eyes that hadn't had an ounce of saying that he wanted to play around,"Lawless.Tell me. Why were you unconscious in this alleyway?"

"Huh..?I w-was unconscious in this a-alleyway..?" Hyde repeated after Kuro,and Kuro nodded his head in exasperation.

"W-What was I doing unconscious in an alleyway-"

Hyde suddenly experienced a headache,as he massaged his temples to try and soothe the pain when it unexpectedly hit him,as images and visions ran through his brain.

He was in the music shop because he heard a great pianist play the piano,he then found someone who looked remarkably identical to Licht,and before he knew it,he was chasing after him; and then, apparently, this 'Licht' had left him unconscious in this suspicious alleyway.

He can't really remember the last part clearly, because it did feel like somebody or something tossed him to the wall,making him lose consciousness.

It could've been this 'Licht 2.0' that tossed him into this alleyway,but he couldn't remember because his memories were fuzzy.

But who else could it have been but this 'Licht 2.0'?

Hyde gasped when everything returned to him and immediately scrambled up to his feet and tried to run for it,which made Kuro instantly alarmed as he tried to settle him back down with Hyde squirming in his grasp.

"Lawless,Lawless!Stop squirming!Settle down right now! Why are you in such a hurry?!Oi,settle down and stop trying to run,damn it!" Kuro snarled with exasperation in his eyes.

But,Hyde was still trying to run,and growled,"NII-SAN! LET ME GO!I NEED TO SEE AND FIND LICHT-TAN RIGHT NOW!"

Kuro's eyes widened as he hesitated,"H-Huh..? Licht..?Oi,have you turned crazy or something?Did you love that guy so much that you are actually convinced that he's still alive?"

"H-Huh..?" Hyde stopped squirming as he looked up to meet Kuro's stern narrowed eyes with those tired bags with his eyebrows knitted at him.

Kuro sighed in exhaustion,as he loosened his gripping and tight grasp on Hyde's shoulders,and he spilled the beans for him:

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