35- Explanation

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Antonio got out of bed early, he couldn't stop thinking about Sadie's mother, wondering if she had been telling the truth. He walked down into his office, shutting the door and walked over to his desk turning his laptop on. He sat down and logged into his work site. Once logged in, he began doing a nationwide search on Grace. After searching for a while, he leaned back in his chair, staring at his laptop. He couldn't find anything on her, not even a traffic ticket.

He picked up his phone and called one of his investigators, asking to look into Grace and to see where her whereabouts have been the last twelve years. He then began searching into Las Vegas police reports within the last couple of years, looking for any complaints on hostage situations.

He came across a couple, where there were reports filed a year ago, but the names didn't match. He leaned back in his chair again, resting his hands behind his head thinking. He remembered Grace mentioning to Sadie that she put out information about her, that she was looking for her and that a friend had posted it online for her.

He also remembered Grace telling her that someone called her to let her know where she could find Sadie, and wondered who that would have been. The only one that came to mind, was his own mother.

Upon waking up, Sadie reached her arm out, realizing Antonio was not in bed. She got out of bed and put on her robe and walked through the house looking for Antonio. She saw that his office door was closed and knocked "Come in." Antonio called out.

Sadie walked in smiling "What are you doing up so early?" she asked, walking around the desk and sat on his lap.

He wrapped his arm around her, and looked back towards his laptop "I'm working."

She rested her head on his shoulder, and began caressing his chest "Working on what?"

He pointed over to the screen, showing her that he has been trying to find information on her mother "Antonio, you don't have to do that. She abandoned me in a town, in a state where we didn't even live." she said hurt.

"What if she was telling the truth?"

"Why would she have gone out so late to look for a birthday gift for me? She could have done that earlier in the day or the next day."

"True, but maybe she was trying to find something special."

"I doubt it. She never really bought me much growing up. All she did was provide a roof over my head. I was surprised that she even brought me to Vegas, I wasn't even of legal age to gamble."

"How long were you there before she disappeared?"

"We had just got there that day, we had dinner, I watched her play the slots for a bit and then we went up to our room. She asked me what I would like to do for my birthday, saying that they had excellent shows that we could go see."

"Hmm. Seems weird don't you think?"

"I don't know." she sighed.

"I did call my investigator to have him look into her claims. Hopefully he finds something today, I asked him to get on it, and that I would pay him tripple the amount if he got it to me around noon."

Antonio took her hand, looking at the ring on her finger, sliding the ring back and forth "On another note, that ring looks good on you." he smiled. Sadie extended her arm out, looking at the ring on her finger and smiles, she turned facing Antonio, and cupped his face giving him a kiss "I love it."

"If I were to call her, and ask to meet her somewhere, will you come with me?" she asks quietly. Not believing she is willing to meet her, but curious to see what she has to say.

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