Chapter Fourteen

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"So, how was your date?" I asked Jamie

"It was fine." she said, uninterested in the magazine she had been glancing through for the past hour

"Just fine?" I asked

"Yep." she said, popping the 'p'

"Okay, spill. What happened?" Sam leaned over

"Well, I thought that it would be really nice to go on a real date, you know, and dinner was nice and all, but he was really pushy throughout the whole thing. Then, at the end of the date, while we were in his car, he was really grabby and when I told him I didn't want to have sex with him, he got super mad, and kicked me out of his car. I had to walk three miles just to get home." she explained

"I'm sorry Jamie, I really am. I wish that guys were different, but I know there are plenty of other guys out there just wishing you would go on a date with them." I nodded, patting her back

"Lola Conrad. I stood up and the girls followed, "Dr. Rosen will be in shortly." she said

"Have you figured out who the dad could be?" Sam asked while we waited

"I'm not really sure. I just really hope it wasn't one of those guys from the party." I shook my head

"My bet is on Cameron." Sam mumbled

"No, I think it's Richard." Jamie interrupted

"Five bucks says you're wrong." Sam put her hand out

"Deal." Jamie shook hands with her

"Are you guys seriously betting on my baby daddy?" I asked

"No hard feelings, we're just really curious." Sam shrugged. I rolled my eyes and the doctor walked in. She was an older lady who wore too much blush

"I'm Julia Rosen. I'll be your doctor throughout your pregnancy." she introduced herself

"I'm Lola, and this is Sam and Jamie. They're here for support." I explained

"Sounds good. Do you mind if I ask you about your medical history?" he asked

"Go ahead."

"Do you, or any of your immediate family have any heart problems?" she asked

"I actually don't know anything about my family. I've been in the foster system for almost eleven years, which is how long ago anybody has had any contact with my mother. I didn't ever meet any of her family, and I don't even know who my father is."

"Oh, well that changes things." she wrote something down in the computer, "Are you taking any medications?"


"Do you smoke?"

"Only every once in a while. But not enough to actually say I'm a smoker."

"Have you ever done any drugs?"

"I've smoked some weed before, but a long time ago. My mother actually did a lot of drugs, and she took vicodin for something." I remembered

"Okay, I'll do a quick physical, then we'll do the pelvic exam." she put on some rubber gloves. She checked my pule, my blood pressure, my weight and height, and then checked my heart and lungs with the stethoscope, "Everything looks good. Do you want them to be in here for your pelvic exam?"

"I don't even know what that is." I confessed. She explained it very thoroughly, and although it seemed painful, I told Jamie and Sam to wait out in the hall. She did the exam quickly, then called them back in.

"Everything is looking how it's supposed to. Now, do you know the date of conception?" she asked

"Actually, I've had multiple partners in the last month, so I really have no clue." I blushed from embarrassment

"That's okay, I'm going to do a ultrasound anyways, and that should tell us how far along you are, and your due date." she said, then went and got the ultrasound machine. She turned the computer on and explained how the ultrasound worked, and to be honest, I really didn't care, "So, this will be a bit cold. It's just KY Jelly, so it won't tingle or anything." she said, squirting the jelly onto my lower stomach. She put the camera machine on my stomach, and moved it around a bit. A faint, but quick, beating noise bounced through the room, "That is the baby's heartbeat." she explained. I didn't really know what to look for, so I squinted at the screen like an idiot. She pointed to the screen at a little white dot, "That is your baby." she smiled at me.

"Oh my gosh! It's so cute!" Sam gushed

"That's it?" I asked

"Yep, would you like some pictures?"

"Of course!" Jamie squealed. Dr. Rosen looked to me for confirmation, and when I nodded, she printed off three pictures. She handed each of us one of them, then kept moving the camera around.

"So, you're about five weeks along, and your due date is March 26th of next year." she said, writing some more stuff down

"That means it happened in the first week. So sometime around July sixth." Sam counted. So now I could rule out the party guys.

"I'm going to have you take some iron, calcium, and also, this other daily vitamin that has a variety of vitamins in it. If you go down to the pharmacy below, they'll explain what they are and give them to you half off." she smiled, "Any other questions?" she asked, handing me an information packet, and her card

"Um, well, I was wondering if there was any way you could do a paternity test while it's still inside." I asked

"There is one where we take the amniotic fluid and match it up with the names of men you've given us, but it is very invasive. I've actually marked you down as a high risk pregnancy since you are so young, and we don't know much about your medical history, so I wouldn't suggest doing it. After the baby is born, the hospital can do a paternity test and it would be much safer." she explained. I nodded and tried to think of anymore questions, "If you've thought of anything else, or you've got any concerns, call me at any time." she smiled. We said our goodbyes, and I went to check out and get the vitamins

"She was nice." Jamie commented down in the pharmacy

"She looked like she pitied me." I said

"A lot of people are going to, even if you don't want it." Sam said

"I know, it's just stupid. I've taken care of myself for a long time, and nobody has ever said anything, but as soon as something just a bit more challenging comes along, people are trying to help me with everything." I said, paying for the horse pills with the money that Veronica gave me for the next week until the state check comes in

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, Jamie and I have got a surprise for you." Sam smiled

"And what would that be?" I asked

"Well, we thought it would be really nice to give you a housewarming gift, so I came up with the best idea ever, and Sam paid for it." Jamie explained

"What is it?" I whined

"So, I hired the interior designer that decorated my house, to go to your apartment, and he's been there all day today putting stuff in and decorating it so that it's comfortable for you and my adorable niece in there." she pointed at my stomach

"You know it might not be a girl." I said

"I know, The only thing I bought for her was a crib and changing table." Sam shrugged

"I think it's a boy." Jamie mumbled

"Ten bucks says you're wrong." Sam placed her hand out

"You're on." Jamie laughed, grabbing her hand

"Would you two quit betting on my child?" I pleaded

"Not until I win." Sam winked

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