Mia's POV

I woke up and replayed the events from yesterday in my head. Then I realized I need to leave, it's already 8:30 and I was supposed to out by 8.

I sat up and the boxes and suitcase I had packed weren't there. I had one empty box that i would use to pack the rest of my stuff in, i didn't get to finish packing before i fell asleep yesterday. But that empty box was gone, so was the stuff i was gonna put in there.

All my stuff was out of my room except my outfit for today that I had layed out last night and my pillow and blanket. So i got dressed and went downstairs. When i got down there i saw my mom pushing my boxes out the door. It's a good thing i taped them shut because she was literally kicking them out the door and my stuff would've fallen out.

"What the heck are you doing?!? You're gonna break all my stuff!" i was really mad that she was kicking me out and then had the nerve to kick my stuff out the door like that.

"That's not my problem. You were told to be out of this house by 8am and it is now almost 9am." my mom said as if i should know exactly why she is doing what she's doing.

I just stood there completely shocked that my own mother, my own flesh and blood was serious about kicking me out. And she was kicking my stuff out too, literally.

"Well, all of your stuff is out, so... GET OUT!!!" she screamed. I still just stood there, but now i was crying. I wasn't moving so my mom litterally pulled my arm and pushed me out the door. I sat down on the porch and started crying even harder when i heard the door slam shut and lock.

I started getting all my stuff together, because of my mom it was kinda all over the place. I had a lot of boxes and they were all scattered around the front lawn. I can't believe she did that to my stuff!

Luke's POV

I woke up at about 8:45, but I didn't mean to. I heard someone yelling 'Get Out' and i didn't know what it was. So i got up and chucked on some skinny jeans and a hoodie.Before going downstairs, I checked to see if all the boys were sleeping. Of course they were, it's only like 9am.

I went outside and looked to my right. I saw Mia sitting on her porch crying. Why was such a beautiful girl crying? Then she got up and started collecting boxes that were spread across her front lawn. She was still crying just not as hard anymore. I ran over to her and that's how you can tell I like her, cuz Luke Hemmings does not run at 9am. Mia is an exception though.

"Mia? Why are you crying, babe?" I asked her and her head shot up at me. And i know i just called her babe, hopefully she didn't notice, it just slipped out.

"Oh, Luke what are you doing here?" She asked sniffling a bit. She was so cute even when she was crying. But i felt bad seeing her like this.

"Oh I heard yelling-" Mia cut me off saying "That was my ever so lovely mother doing all the yelling." She said.

"Oh, can I ask why you're crying?" I asked hoping she'll tell me.

"Well i'll tell you but it might take a while, so you might want to take seat." She said patting the seat next to her on the porch. I gladly took a seat next to her ready to listen.

"Well Long story short, my mom thought i slept with one of you guys. She says that's why i came home late. I said that's not what happened. Then i asked her if she thinks i am a slut, then she said she doesn't want me ruining her reputation. But then i said that she is being a stuck up snob, then she said i don't get to sleep with every boy on the block then come and be disrespectful to her. Then she said i need to be out by 8 this morning and i wasn't so she literally kicked and threw my stuff out the door and pushed me out. Then slammed the door in my face and locked it." She said starting to cry again. I just pulled her into a tight hug and said

"Shh, it'll be okay. I promise." I said reassuring her. I really hate seeing her like this.

"No it won't! I have nowhere to go! There is no way my mom will let me back in that house!" Mia yelled getting a little angry. "Sorry i didn't mean to yell at you like that." She apologized. I could tell she was really sorry.

"Don't be sorry, you've been through a lot this morning and it's only like 9:30." I said giving her another hug. She smelled so good. I am so weird. She hugged back and stopped crying. She just sniffled a little.

"Luke?" She spoke into my chest as the hugging continued. I didn't mind at all though. "Yeah?" I spoke into her shoulder. "Where will I go?" She asked. I had an idea, but i had to ask the guys first. 

I broke the hug and said "I'll be right back. Don't move." I said standing up and starting to run back to my house. There I go with the running again. The things I do for this girl.

I ran into the house to see the boys sitting on the couch. Their heads all shot up in my direction when i ran in the door.

"Guys, I need to ask you something." I said trying to figure out how to word the question i was about to ask.

"What's up mate?" A chirpy Calum asked. Why was he so happy and wide awake at this time?

I just came right out with it "Can Mia come and live here with us?" I asked awaiting their answers.

"Why?" They all said in unison. That was kinda creepy how they did that. 

"She got kicked out. Please just let her, I'll give you details later!" I said. I didn't want to leaver her waiting.

"Okay." They all said in unison again. "Can you guys stop doing that it's creeping me out?" I said heading for the door to get Mia.

"Doing what?" They all said in unison again. "ugh!" was all I said before walking out the door to get Mia.

Mia's POV

Luke said he'd be back like ten minutes ago. I hope he didn't ditch me. I really do like him a lot. I'll admit all through that hug the only thing on my mind was how great he smelled. God i am soo weird. My thoughts were cut of by Luke running toward me saying "Mia! Mia! Mia!"

"What? What? What?" I asked standing up from the porch. Thank god he didn't ditch me.

"You can move in with the boys and I!" He said getting really excited. A sense of happiness flooded through me when he said that because now not only did i have a place to stay, but it was with four guys I trust. I'm not sure why I trust them so much when I just met them yesterday, but i did.

"That's great!!!!" i said sounding a lot more excited than i wanted to, but hey i was excited. "Can you help me with my stuff?" I asked knowing i won't be able to carry all of this stuff. "Of course." Luke said smiling. I loved his smile, it made me smile.

This day just got a lot better!

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