Always the Same Place

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Flash Fiction Month, Day 17, Challenge #8: Write a story addressing a social issue. It must be serious in nature and may not use any first person pronouns.

Jason went to meet his friends under the big tree in the park.

Ernest nudged his wife, sitting next to him on the bench. “They’re always loitering over there. You don’t know what they’re up to—always got their hoods up! Probably fighting. Probably drugs.”

They moved beneath the awning of the local shops.

 “Here they come again,” said Mabel. “Always standing in that same place. Shoplifting. And there was that brick through the window last year.”

Jason said goodbye and headed home.

“Tch,” snorted Grandad, jabbing the air with a finger. “Always upstairs glued to that screen. There was a time kids went outside once in a while!”

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