Chapter 19

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I entered my room after putting sleeping Zack in his crib.
Let's call Charles now!! He is gonna be so surprised after I tell him about "The Dreamers"!!!
I picked up my phone and called his number. He must be having his lunch
He picked up after two rings.
"Hey, Julia!! I was just thinking about you!!" He said in a happy voice.
"What were you thinking?" I asked him curiously.
"That...I will tell you that later but first tell me what happened? You sound so happy!" He asked excitedly.
"Hold your breath because I am going to tell you something exciting!!" I said excitedly.
"What is it?!!" He asked excitedly.
The way he just catches on with my mood.
"You won't believe whom I met today!!" I said excitedly.
"Who??!!!" He asked curiously.
"I met..."The Dreamers"!!!!" I said dramatically.
"What????!!!!! Really!!!! You really met "The Dreamers"!!! That one!!! You met Rachel Miller, Jashmin Moore, Cody Turner, Samuel West and Ethan Anglo!!! You met all of them?!!!" He said excitedly.
"Yes!!! I was so shocked when Jayden told me that they were coming! They will be back any minute to get me ready!! I am so excited to see how they work!!! I wouldn't have been able to meet them if not for the party that I am attending!!" I said excitedly.
"What party?" Charles asked confused. Oops!!! It just slipped from my mouth!! Now, he won't leave me until I tell him everything and also tease me after I tell him. I am stuck at the edge of a cliff.
"'s nothing big. Actually, Jayden's friend invited him to his birthday party and insisted that Jayden goes." I said.
"Then, isn't that Jayden who is going? Why are you getting ready? Is Zack going to the party too?" He asked me.
"No. It's not for the kids." I said.
"My dear Julia, care to explain properly?" He said.
"'s nothing big. Zack heard about the party and insisted that I go with Jayden so..." I said nervously.
"So, Jayden decided that he takes you because a two-year-old kid said so? Are you kidding me!! Tell me what's going on between you two? Do you want me to believe that he is taking his son's nanny to a big party as his date just because his son said so? The other day, he became your driver and today he is taking you to a party as his date!! What are you hiding from me?" He said.
I can't blame him for being suspicious. I would have acted the same if I was in his place. It sure looks unbelievable.
"I am not hiding anything! Really! You don't know what we do just because Zack tells us to. The other day when I had a fight with Jayden because he told me not to go out and we were not talking, that time Zack made us do this weird thing to become friends..." I was saying when I covered my mouth with my palm. No!!!! What did I do??!!!! I decided not to tell him about that!!! He is definitely not going to let this go!! He will tease me every single time about this!!!
"I never heard about this weird way of becoming friends. Tell me about it." He said in a teasing manner.
" It's nothing important." I said laughing nervously.
"And you want me to believe that? Do you know how long we have been friends? I can tell when you are trying to hide something. Spill it out!" He said.
"It really is nothing." I said nervously.
"So, you want to play it like this, huh? Ok. I told you that I was thinking about you, right? Actually, I had something to tell you that is related to Deven. But, I think if you want to start this game then I will be happy to play along." He said in a casual manner.
"What??!!!! About Deven!!!! What about him??!!! What happened??!!!" I asked curiously.
"You tell me." He said.
I sighed.
He always gets his way!!
"Zack learned this weird way from his mom when he had his first fight with a girl. It included shaking hands, hugging and kissing. So, I shook hands with Jayden, hugged him and also gave him a peck on his cheek. That's all. Now, tell me about that Deven thing!!" I said excitedly.
"You kissed Jayden!!!! I don't care about that handshake or hug but you kissed him!!!!" He said shocked.
"Why are you overreacting like this? It was just a peck on his cheek." I said.
"Yeah, just a peck. Tell me, how many guys have you given a peck on the cheek?" He asked me.
" dad...umm...Zack..." I said thinking hard.
"We are family! You haven't kissed any other guy not even on his cheek!" He said.
He is right! I never got a chance to date any guy. Even when my crush asked me out, I was busy taking care of mom because she was ill and that was when we came to know about her cancer. I had many guy friends but they were just friends and I was not close to them. Charles and I were inseparable and everyone thought that we were going out so no one asked us out.
Oh my god!!! So, Jayden is the first guy I kissed!!! Ok, not kissed on the lips though but it was a kiss even if it was on the cheek. Suddenly my cheeks feel hot.
I touched my cheek.
"Stop blushing now." Charles said.
"I...I am not blushing!!" I lied blushing.
"As if I would believe that. Anyways, I want all the info about the things that happen between you and Jayden from now on." He said.
"But, there is nothing..." I was saying when he interrupted me, "Sweetie, just do as I said. I won't force you but remember our promise of telling each other about the progress of our love life." He said.
" life!! I don't have a love life!!!" I said protesting.
"Ok. Ok. Then, let me put it in some other way, if you want to know about me and Deven then you will have to tell me about you and Jayden." He said.
He knows how to make me agree!!!
"Argh!!! Fine!! But, there is nothing between me and Jayden!" I said.
"I know. I know." He said.
"By the way, what was it that you wanted to tell me about Deven?" I asked.
"He asked me to keep my evening free for tomorrow." He said.
"What??!!!! Date!!!!! You two are going on a date!!!!" I shouted excited.
"Stop shouting! My ears!!! It's not a date! He just asked me to keep my evening free and so I have to take leave from the diner for tomorrow." He said.
He must be blushing!!
"It's a date... It's a date..." I sang.
"Julia!!!!" He protested.
I heard a knock on the door and Sally entered.
"Julia, they are here. Shall I send them to your room?" She asked.
"Sure." I said.
"Charles, I will talk to you later, ok? "The Dreamers" are here." I said.
"Ok. Tell them how big fan I am of them!!" He said excitedly.
"I already did." I said giggling.
I heard a knock on the door.
"Ok. Got to go. Bye!!!!" I said hanging up the call.

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