The frenzied Farts of Fabby Flabulous

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Chapter 1: P. E. IS P. U
In Mr. Krupp's office

Mr. Krupp and (Y/N) were in the office with George and Harold and she was really excited to see her heroes here with her but she has to pretend she doesn't know them.

Everything was quiet too quiet.

George said, "Are... Are we supposed to talk?"

Mr. Krupp said, "No! You're out there being a disturbance to the world, when your suppose to be in P. E.!"

The poster said Your suppose to be in P. E. While there was a whistle blowing.

George pulled out a paper and said, "Uh we have a note from the doctor."

Mr. Krupp said, "That note is from a vet!"

George giggled while saying,"I was sheepish."

Harold giggled while saying, "My dog hurts."

George said, "I was catatonic."

(Y/N) was trying not to laugh.

Harold said, "I was feeling eel."

(Y/N) wanted to let it all out.

George said, "My throat was horse."

Harold said, "I was elephant."

(Y/N) said, "What?"

George said, "That doesn't really..."

Harold said, "Yeah."

[We apologize for the bad puns, if you like these seconds of your life back, stuff marshmallows in your mouth.]

Mr. Krupp pulled out a really huge book of rules and started finding a page, while humming.

(Y/N) waved hi to George and Harold and they waved hi back and for some reason thought she was actually kinda cute.

Krupp was still looking and (Y/N) wondered how many rules are actually in there I bet it's not 100 rules.

Mr. Krupp finally found it, and said,

"Aha! Rule number 6,324, it is against the rules for any student to ride a water buffalo or any type of bison to the-."

(Y/N) said, "A water buffalo and a what?"

Mr. Krupp then wrote something in the book while mumbling.

Mr. Krupp said, "Aha! Incomplete P. E. credits may cause for indefinite Saturday detention."

George said, "You just wrote that in there!"

Mr. Krupp said, "P. E! And I need you to take our new student there I heard she's in your classes so I'll let you take her with you."

Harold said, "But Mr. Meaner, the gym teacher, doesn't like us."

Mr. Krupp said, "Nobody likes you."

George said, "We like us."

Harold said, "Me too."

(Y/N)'s mind said, 'I like them.'

George said, "Isn't there any possible thing we could possibly do to possibly get out of P. E possibly."

Chapter 2: No there's not
In P. E

Everyone was there and (Y/N) introduced herself to everyone and introduced herself to George and Harold.

(Y/N) said, "Hi my names (Y/N)."

George said, "George Beard."

Harold said, "The names Harold Hutchins."

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