Chapter 5

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Richie POV

I'm so happy because I'm honeymooning with Candy. After a few hours on the plane, we finally arrived in Paris.

Candy was so happy to see the beauty of Paris. So am I.

"Thank you for taking me honeymoon here"

"Yes dear, I'm glad if you're happy"

"We can shop around and shop here"

" Up to you"

After we arrived at the hotel, we rested in our room.

"It feels very tiring to take flight for hours"

"You should rest"

"All right, but I want to be hugged by you"

Candy is very spoiled for me. I hugged her while stroking her hair. It smelled of lavender that made me want to kiss her.

"You can never stop yourself!"

"Can not I kiss my own wife?"

" Of course you can"

Candy smiled at me. Then I kissed her lips and she welcomed my kiss with excitement.

"I really like your kiss"

" Thank you"

"I'm hungry, will you come with me to the restaurant?"

"Of course, let me accompany you!"

Candy was very excited when I took her to the restaurant.

"I love french cuisine, and my mom loves cooking french food."

"How wonderful is your mother!"

"If we have a visit to my parents' house, you will surely fall in love with my mother's cooking"

Not for a long time the waiter brought our order. Then we had lunch together.

"Very tasty cuisine at this restaurant"

"I used to be with my grandfather to visit this restaurant and my grandfather loved the cuisine here"

"No wonder you chose this restaurant"

After lunch we surrounded the beautiful city of Paris.

"I feel like I want to live here"

"I'll buy a house to live here"

" Is it true?"

I nodded and Candy looked pleased. Then she hugged me and kissed my cheek.


One week later

Finally we went back to New York. After spending a week in Paris. Candy carried a lot of her groceries.

"Gosh, lots of your groceries"

"Every woman would love to shop including me"

Although we are only married for two months, it feels great to me. Candy is a cheerful woman who can keep up with me.

She never complains let alone troubles me. I'm lucky to have a wife like her.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I'm grateful to have a wife like you"

"I am also grateful to have a handsome husband like you"

"Do you want to accompany me to grandpa's house?"

" Of course!"

Finally Candy accompanied me to grandpa's house. Seen grandfather's house undergoes many changes, especially now many plants that decorate the home yard .

"Finally you came here, how are you?"

"We're very good, we happened to be honeymooning in Paris"

"Grandpa is very happy to see you are happy. Let's go into the house"

I'm grateful grandpa is in good shape. Since my parents died, I lived with my grandfather. He who took care of me from kid.

"Candy, are you happy to marry my grandson?"

"Of course I'm very happy, Richie is a very nice husband and understanding"

"Thank goodness he is so good to you. that if he hurts you, do not hesitate to tell me"

I laughed at my grandfather's words. Grandfather shook his head and Candy laughed with me.

"We'd better have dinner together."

It was nice to meet grandpa. So far my grandfather had replaced my parents. I wish he lived a long life

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