Chapter 18

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"Zack!!!" They said as they entered the living room.
The five of them stood in front of me.
" are..." one of them said.
"I am Julia. Zack's nanny. Pleased to meet you." I replied and smiled.
"Hello! I am Ethan Anglo, the head of this group. Just call me Ethan. I decide the overall look for the person based on her face, figure, and personality." One of the guys said and I shook hands with him.
"Zack, you remember us, right? We have met so many times." He said to Zack.
"Yes." Zack said nodding his head.
"What is my name?" He asked Zack.
"Ethan." Zack replied and smiled.
"And us!" One of the guys said.
"Cody!!" Ethan said.
"That's so unfair!!! We too want to know if Zack remembers us or not." He said pouting.
"Zack, who are they? Do you know them?" Ethan asked Zack.
"Rach. Jash. Cody. Sam." Zack said pointing towards them.
"Oh my god!!! Zack!!!" The guy named Cody ran towards us.
I turned around trying to cover Zack.
"Cody!!" Stand back!!' Ethan said.
"Julia, sorry about that." He said to me and I turned back.
"Let me introduce my team. This is Rachel Miller. She is the designer. She designs all the dresses in our team." He said pointing towards one of the girls.
"You can call me Rach." She said and I shook hands with the beautiful blonde.
"This is Jashmin Moore. She is our make-up artist." He said.
"Call me Jash." The girl with red hair said and we shook hands. That red hair looks so good on her.
"This is Cody Turner, the nail stylist." He said.
"Call me Cody." The guy with brown hair said and winked.
"This is Samuel West. He is the hair stylist." He said.
"Call me Sam." The guy with black hair said and shook hands with me.
"So, this is our team, "The Dreamers"." Ethan said and smiled.
"Nice to meet you all." I said.

"Have a seat." I told them and they sat on the couch.
"Sally, please bring something for them." I told Sally and she nodded her head and went in.
"Can I hold Zack?" Cody asked getting up.
I held Zack tightly. I promised Jayden that I will take care of Zack but they seem so nice and harmless that I can't say no.
"Don't be so worried. I won't eat him up." Cody said raising his hands up in surrender.
"Actually..." I said hesitating.
"Cody, sit down. We are here to work." Ethan said to Cody and he sat down.
"You can sit down and relax too." He said to me.
I sat down with Zack in my lap.
"Jayden must have warned you about us, right?" He said and chuckled.
I looked down.
"It's ok. I understand his concern. Actually, we love Zack a lot so we tend to forget the limit of showing that love and affection. I mean, he is so cute." Sam said.
"I thought that he will be at home, guarding his son." Jash said giggling.
"He had an important meeting." I replied.
"That's why he is not here." Rach said and everyone laughed.
"We have been really close to Zack's mom. She was our first customer. You know, when you are new to a field then it's really hard to get customers. When we opened our company then it was just a small one room in not so well known place. It was hard for us when there were so many people better and famous than us. But, she didn't think anything and came to us. She gave us a chance and gave us confidence. She had just graduated from college and her dad kept a party for her. We too had just started working for a month with zero customers. Even though she trusted us with her important day. After that, she recommended us to her friends and we slowly progressed. From that one room, we came to have a six-storey building for our company. We have one floor each for each category and our offices and VIP rooms on the top floor with reception and waiting room on the ground floor. We also have classes to teach interested people and take classes personally once a week." Ethan said.
"I know about that. Charles is a big fan of yours and wanted to study there but the fees were high to pay with our part-time job plus it was far from our home." I said.
"Charles? Your brother?" He asked.
"No. He is my childhood best friend." I replied.
"Friend? Living together?" Rach said surprised.
"Yeah, some things happened and so he shifted to my house after my parent's death." I replied.
"Sorry to hear about your parents." Ethan said.
"It's ok." I replied.
"What is Charles studying?" He asked.
"Designing. He is really good at his work. It's his dream to work with you guys." I said.
"When will he finish his course?" He asked me.
"By next year." I replied.
"I hope that he becomes a really famous designer. It doesn't matter where you study because we too studied somewhere else and now we are doing fine which is all thanks to Zack's mom. You can say that what we are now is because of her but if she was here she would have said that it's because of our hard work. She was that kind of person. That's why whenever we get a call from her family, we cancel all our work no matter how important it is." He said.
The more I hear about Madam, the more I admire and respect her. She really was a sweet soul.
"That's why Jayden is like a friend to us and Zack is like our son. We love Zack so much." Sam said.
"What is not there to love in him?! He is so cute plus I am sure that he will be really handsome when he grows up." Jash said.
"Of course, he will be! He has the best of genes in him!" Rach said.
"I wonder how beautiful his sister would have been. If only they had a daughter as well." Cody said.
"Cody, I don't want to rude but what you just said was really rude of you. It will hurt Jayden and the others if they hear that. His wife died and you are talking about a daughter. Don't you think that what you just said was a heartless and rude thing to say." I said trying to be calm.
How can he say something like this?!!! This will only hurt everyone!!
"But I..." he was saying when Ethan interrupted him, "She is right, Cody. Please, think a little before you say anything."
"I am sorry." He apologized.
"It's just that, she died so suddenly that it's really hard to accept so it just came out of my mouth. I didn't mean to hurt anyone." He said looking down.
"I understand. Just don't say something like this in front of Jayden or Sally, they will be hurt." I said feeling bad for being rude to him.

"You haven't started working. I thought you are done." Sally said coming with a tray with two maids following her with trays in their hands.
She placed them on the coffee table.
"We were going to start." Ethan said and signaled his team.
"Julia, can you stand here." Rach said with a measuring tape in her hand.
"Zack, sit here, ok." I said to Zack and he nodded his head.
I got up and went to stand where she told me to.
She took my measurements and noted them down.
"Sit here." Jash said.
She examined my skin.
"Your skin is good but I think it's little exhausted and dry. You ate and slept at odd times, right?" She asked me.
"Yeah, my previous jobs were at rough hours." I replied.
"It's getting better now." She said and noted something in her notebook.
"Let me see your hand." Cody said and took my hands in his.
"Looking good. Your hands are pretty and your nails are beautiful and shiny. It just needs maintenance." He said and nodded towards Sam.
Sam went behind the couch and started ruffling my hair.
"Your hair is in good condition, just a little dry. But, don't worry, I will make it beautiful and shiny." He said examining my hair.
"Can you stand here?" Ethan said and I went to stand there.
He looked me up and down and walked in circles around me.
"What do you like the most? Sunset or Sunrise?" He asked.
I looked at him confused. Why is he asking such a thing to me?
"Actually, I decide the look based on a person's face, figure and personality like I told you before. I have to know your personality, though usually, we have days to for that because everyone makes their appointment in advance for months. This is really sudden and I don't know what kind of person you are so it's little hard to say what will go with your personality. Just answer a few questions that will help me decide your look for now. But, I will surely give you a proper look after knowing you better." He said and I nodded.
"Sunrise." I answered his previous question.
"Beach or mountains?" He asked.
"Beach." I replied.
"Romance or mystery?" He asked.
"Mystery!! I love suspense and mysteries. You can say Sherlock Holmes is my favorite." I replied excitedly.
He smiled.
"Guys, let's go." He said to his team.
"Already? You know what look you have to give her?" Sam asked him.
"For now, yes." He replied.
"Julia, we will be back in a few hours." He said to me.
"You didn't eat something." Sally said to them.
"Sally, we will be coming back soon." He said to her and made his way to the main door. Others followed him.
What was that??? How did he know my personality just by those three questions? He did say that he is not sure but he just decided my personality so quickly.
I looked at Sally and she smiled.
"Zack, let's go and play!" I said picking Zack up in my arms.
He is such a patient kid. He didn't even say anything when they were working and sat there quietly waiting for them to complete their work.

So, this is the Chapter! Hope you enjoyed reading it!😁 I thought of writing only one chapter for "The Dreamers" but as I was writing it became long and I decided to divide it into two chapters. Wait for the next chapter to know about them and also to see what magic they are gonna play😉

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