Chapter 5

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"Zio, I got it." Beau pouted, struggling to carry her bag.

"Let me carry it, it's too heavy for you." He protested, getting ready to catch it if he needed to.

I chuckled at Beau's stubbornness. "Let Zion help you just a tiny bit."

"Just a tiny bit, okayy?" She let him hold onto the other side of the bag.

"Of course." He nodded down at her.

"Just kidding." He threw her bag over his shoulder and her on the other softly.

"Not fair Zio." She huffed, folding her arms across her chest.

"Don't be mad at me Beau." They disappeared into Carters lavish private jet.

"Where's Carter? I thought he was meant to pick us up this morning." I pulled my bag from Messiahs hands.

"Rei and Kai should be here any second." He took my bag back and gestured for me to make my way up the stairs.

"Kai's coming?" I asked settling in next to Beau.

"Sadly." Carter grumbled as they were greeted by the host.

"Not sadly." Kai popped in after him.

"Very sadly." He pushed Kai's head away from him.

"UNCLE CARTER." Beau yelled. "Why didn't you have breakfast with us this morning?"

"I had some business to handle and things didn't go the way I wanted them to so I had to lay some people to rest." He picked her up off of her seat and rested her on his lap.

"Did you put them to sleep Uncle?" She giggled, playing with the rings on his fingers.

"Something like that kiddo."

Kai snorted across from us, flipping through a magazine.

"Ello, I'm Beau." She jumped from Carters arms and made her way over to Kai, holding her small hand out to him.

"Very cute, I'm Kai." He grinned, showcasing his pearly whites and shaking her hand softly.

"Kai." She repeated. "That's a pretty name."


"Pretty, sim. (Yes)" She laughed.

Questions flew out of Beaus mouth nonstop until she finally fell asleep, Kai looked just as exhausted as she was. She now knew everything about Kai, from his full name to the last thing he ate.

"How old did she say she was?" Kai asked staring at her small figure curled up on my lap.

"She's 3." I ran my fingers through her hair.

"She's so smart for her age."

"Smart like her mummy." Carter butted in as he typed away at his laptop.

"Very funny." I threw a cushion at the side of his head.

"You know, if it was anyone else who threw that cushion. They'd either have a bullet or knife in their head." Kai whispered to me, clear amazement on his face.

"As long as you know." Carter ditched the same cushion at Kai's head.

"And here I thought I was your favorite cousin." Kai faked heartache.

"You're far from it."

I laughed at the two and carried on with my reading.

"I know deep down in that blackened heart of his, that I am his favorite out of the family." Kai whispered over to me again.

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