Chapter 19 - 14:43 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 19
Date: April 9th 2018
Time: 14:43pm
Location: Liam's Mansion

Here is part 2 of the character Q&A.
Hope you enjoy😇

From @paulshair
Q: So how does it feel now since you just got proved wrong and I was right?

A: That's not nice...but honestly I'm shocked. I was to stubborn to believe I'd end up pregnant. Not that it's a bad thing. I'm actually quite happy.

From @ziamfourlife
Q: So Zayn, how does it feel being pregnant??

A: If your talking about health wise it's fucking hell but emotionally it's like really hard to explain. I've been feeling so many emotions at once but honestly it's life changing. I feel so amazing and blessed.

From @ziamfourlife
Q: If Cheryl and Gerald did anything to Zayn what would you do?

A: Are you seriously asking that? If anyone and I mean anyone dares to even touch Zayn I will mutilate them. I won't get into detail about how I would because it's a bit explicit but I'm sure you got the idea.

If you guys have any other questions for the characters please don't hesitate to ask here. Next chapter there be more 😝

"So your keeping me here till my team turns themselves in?" Tyler couldn't help but chuckle, his bruised crusted wounds stinging as he did.

"So your keeping me here till my team turns themselves in?" Tyler couldn't help but chuckle, his bruised crusted wounds stinging as he did

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Liam turned to him flashing him a dark glare through the steel bars of the cell "I didn't give you permission to speak." He hissed.

The agent rolled his eyes his chuckle rising "Oh I'm sorry." He stood up and walked towards the bars the joking look on his face morphing into a look of spite "May I have permission to speak, Mr. Payne?"

"No." Liam snapped spinning round away from the shorter alpha. He was starting for the door, he hadn't had the time to be fucked with that was until Tyler opened up his troubled mouth.

"So Zayn really fell in love with you? You guys had sex, you knotted him. Then he fled to get away from you, because?" Tyler snorted "Why?" he curiously question, a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Liam clenched his jaw moving his body slowly back towards the taunting agent "Why else do you think?" He took a step back up to the bars of the cell. "You left out the fact he was a fucking spy forced to deceive me so he could turn me in but then he fell in love with me so instead of dealing with the dread of what he was to do with me he decided to leave to throw your team off."

"Our boss let him on leave for other reasons, actually. From what I heard a man at your party tried taking advantage of him." Tyler explained thinking he was the one who knew everything but realistically he didn't know shit.

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