Chapter 18 - 13:01 Bradford, UK

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Chapter 18
Date: April 10th 2018
Time: 13:01pm
Location: Bradford Hospital

Here is the character Q&A hehe.
Hope you enjoy ❤️

From @paulshair
Q: Zayn honey WHY THE HELL DID YOU LEAVE LIAM!!! HE'S A MESS WITHOUT YOU! CAN'T YOU SEE?! Btw hope you feel better...not to be a batch but you pregnant

A: Wow okay, haha. Well there's things that happen when you fall in love. Sometimes you fall in love at bad times. You know wrong place at the wrong time type of thing. It wasn't the right timing and so I had to leave to give him some time to prepare for my team. I love him a lot so I thought it would be best to help him in that sense. I know he understands inside and I'm sure he gets it. Btw please don't joke with me about being pregnant, I'm sure it's only food poisoning....

From  @ziamfourlife
Q: What are you gonna do when you see your baby Liam again?

A: Tough question, love. I'm not sure really. I've never really thought about it. It's hard to think about, you know? I'd probably be an arse at first to cover my emotions but then I don't know really haha. You got me with that one.

From peterinneverland
Q: If Zayn was pregnant, what would you do for him? Besides keeping him safe and all. And why do you care if Cheryl is with Gerald?

A: If Zayn was truly pregnant I'd want to give him the world. I'd find a way possible to. I'd treat him like a pampered little prince and cater to him 24/7 . I know we've only known eachother for a week and he's a spy agent but I really do love him. I honestly hope he is. With Cheryl, I don't know...I don't like the thought of them two together. Gerald is my close adviser and it's not right for him to be with Cheryl. Basic rules of the bro code whether your really with the person or not. I wouldn't mind if she fucked around with other men, men just not him. I also have a really bad vibe about them being together as well.

From peterinneverland
Q: What's going on between you and Josh?

A: I never thought someone would ask me anything haha. Thanks for your question. Now with me and Josh aha you know...we're just frens...frens is all.

Now if you guys have any other questions for the character please don't hesitate to ask here. Next chapter they'll be more 😇

"Zayn Malik?"

With a long anticipated breath Zayn stood up with Gigi at his side and followed the woman into a rather small examination room.

It took the doctor about twenty minutes after Zayn's quick diagnostics and vitals to visit him which was usual in a packed Emergency room.

"Hello Mr. Malik" the doctor greeted as he entered the room, clipboard in hand. "How are you feeling today?"

'Like shit' Obviously that wouldn't have been right to say straight up. "Miserable" he admitted an obvious sick look on his face which the doctor picked up immediately.

"Ah I can see." The grey haired man went to the sink and slipped on some gloves then took a tongue stick from one of the glass jars "I saw that you were complaining of constant vomiting, severe nausea. stomach pain, bloating, tender breasts and excessive hunger." He listed off while checking Zayn's mouth.

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