Chapter 17 - 10:30 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 17
Date: April 6th 2018
Time: 10:30am
Location: Liam's mansion

"Liiaam." A small hand waved over the dazed alpha's eyes bringing him out of his intense trance.

Liam shook his head coming back to earth. "W-what?"

Louis showed him the timer that was set on his phone "We leave in 12 minutes." He turned off the phone tilting his head in concern for his bigger mate "You alright? You've been acting odd since the day after our meeting."

Honestly, Liam didn't know if he was alright. They were about to go out and get Zayn.

Zayn, his Zayn. His omega or so he was an excessive thought. Zayn being his, fuck he weirdly had a need to mate with him. It was like a natural sense that was taking over his body. He usually could control himself but after that day they slept together this feeling began growing within him like he had to mate with Zayn when they reunited.

Mating was a huge thing and it still was to this day. That was the one big thing that hadn't changed over time.

To mate with someone, you practically married them but this was far more than marriage. It was creating this unbreakable bond between an Alpha and Omega where they could telepathically connect. It gave the two a connection a normal simple marriage didn't have. You'd be able to track the very steps of one another and feel eachothers pain and hear eachothers thoughts whenever you two wanted.

The mating process was one decision many had to think long and hard about before doing. You only mate with someone you feel you could spend the rest of your life with. Once you mate, there's no way of going back. You couldn't mate with multiple omegas or betas. The one you mate with is the one you'd have to spend an eternity with, even beyond the grave.

Liam did love Zayn a lot, again despite only knowing him a week. There was something there between them that was indescribable with words. It was like an eternal fire that ignited when they touched, now that fire could never be put out. Although the thought of mating with him was a wild idea.

He heard that his bloodline had issues falling in love. Most never did in his family because they couldn't find their soulmate, it was hard for them. Their senses bugged them when they tried getting with people, almost like a natural repellent that kept them away from the ones they weren't supposed to be with.

That could explain why Liam had this weird constant disgust towards Cheryl. He went well past his limits by marrying her and having a child with her. After all that it even made him more distant from her not to mention her attitude, that was part of that as well. He never ever felt complete with her nor did he love her. It was something he did only for his mother's sake.

The repercussions were uncanny, he didn't expect having the hostility that had formed between them. He hoped they could at least be friends but by the forces above apparently they weren't even fit for such a simple relationship.

Same with the girls he slept with, well in a way. Most of it was for his own satisfaction though. He refused to sleep with Cheryl because already there was a big invisible force keeping them away from eachother in every way. The girls obviously would turn out the same. He'd fuck them once then drop them with a few hundreds in cash. He didn't knot them though, that was one big difference. It was all for pleasure.

Then he met that mysterious golden Bambi eyed beauty who easily deceived him.

Rodger he was told his name was at first. An omega a year older than him who was a bright innocent yet a tough cookie.

Unfortunately that man didn't exist. Under the veil was Zayn a fucking young spy who toyed with his feelings by order of the law but Liam knew for a fact that Zayn actually ended up falling in love with him which led him to do two unthinkable things. Make love to him then leave.

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